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What is SST Shaft Pure Alignment?

One of the most important services that Fairway Jockey offers is the SST Shaft Pure Alignment. When ordering custom clubs, you will want to ensure that everything is done perfectly and the clubs are an exact match to what you need for your golf game. SST Pure Alignment is an additional charge but one that most golfers have no problem justifying once they understand all that is involved. 

What is SST Pure Shaft Alignment? 

SST Pure Shaft alignment is a process that golf manufacturers use to ensure the golf shafts are installed into the club head in the proper position. Golf shafts tend to have small inconsistencies, and if they are not put into the club head in the right position, there are times when this can impact distance, stability, and feel at impact. 

Golf is a game that demands perfection, and you will need to ensure that your equipment has premium and consistent performance. SST Pure Shaft Alignment consists of putting your golf shaft into a special tool that finds the best alignment position, and then the club head is installed accordingly. 

Is SST Pure Alignment Worth It For All Golfers? 

With SST Pure Alignment being an extra charge, many golfers wonder whether or not it is worth it. Regardless of our playing ability having both graphite and steel shafts properly installed in the clubhead can only improve and perfect performance on the golf course. 

PGA Tour Golfers are known for using SST Pure Alignment in their golf clubs, and they have spent over a billion dollars to ensure their equipment will not have any unnecessary performance negatives. 

Low handicappers will rest easier knowing their clubs are SST aligned, and higher handicappers can ensure they are giving themselves the best chance at a lower score on the course. 

How Much Does SST Pure Alignment Cost? 

The SST Pure Alignment process costs $35. This is a small price to add when working on ensuring that a set is a proper fit for you. The $35 charge is for an entire set of irons, not for each individual iron. The machine lets you see that your clubs have been poured and that you will be well on your way to a better feel and more consistency. 

In the game of golf, it is rare to find a clubhead or shaft that is truly bad, but there are issues with shaft alignment and consistency that occur all the time. 


The best time to take advantage of the SST Pure alignment technology is when you first purchase your clubs. This way, the clubs can be put together properly from the beginning of the process. Having to go through the SST Pure Shaft Alignment process after the fact will likely increase your total costs and can put you out of a set of clubs for some time when the process is being completed. Overall, SST pure alignment is a process that only helps golfers become better players, and it will encourage more confidence in your game.


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