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What Is The AutoFlex Shaft?

What Is The AutoFlex Shaft?

An AutoFlex shaft is a new release coming from Korea. It comes with a new technology called the K.H.T which stands for Korea Hidden Technology. 

Essentially this means that even if you are experiencing tremendous results with the AutoFlex, chances are you won't get all that much information as to why. If you don't need reasons and you just need results, AutoFlex could be a good choice.

The thing that genuinely makes the AutoFlex stand out is that it will adjust the flex based on your golf swing. No more worrying about being between regular and stiff shafts; the AutoFlex does the deciding for you.

Performance Benefits of the AutoFlex Shaft

A few things help AutoFlex stand out; the most obvious is the very lightweight design. The AutoFlex shafts are on average about 30 grams lighter than other golf shafts on the market.

The idea behind this very lightweight design is that it will help you increase your clubhead speed. This is all done in a very efficient and controlled way. In fact, AutoFlex recommends using a more controlled swing instead of trying to go after the ball.

* Very lightweight golf shaft

* Automatically optimizes the transfer of energy to the ball

* Will increase clubhead speed, regardless of a players strength

* Choose the weight of shaft based on swing speed

How Will I Know Which Shaft To Buy?

As golfers, we are very programmed into believing that we need to know our exact shaft flex before purchasing a new shaft. AutoFlex says to consider the weight of the shaft, not the flex.

The AutoFlex shaft is offered in four different driver weights from 41 to 57 grams. You can also find these shafts in woods, hybrid, and iron options.

Determining the weight that your swing speed can handle is all you need to be appropriately fitted for an AutoFlex shaft. AutoFlex offers a fitting chart that is simple and easy to follow.

Is AutoFlex Golf Shaft Worth It?

Part of finding the perfect golf shaft for your game means making sure it is a fit for your swing. It can take time and energy to find this fit, and then your swing has the potential to change.

One of the things we love about AutoFlex is that you will find it a great fit even as your game evolves. The price of the AutoFlex can be a bit high because of the mystery and the incredible performance.

If you think the AutoFlex could be a good fit for your game, read more about it at Fairway Jockey.

When you think of building a golf club, you will have to consider the shaft, the grip, and the clubhead. The fact that all of these can be customized and upgraded allows for an incredible amount of club-fitting options. Those options are only expanded each time a new shaft hits the market. One of the most hyped and interesting shafts right now is the AutoFlex. It's been a bit difficult to get information on the AutoFlex and who it is best suited for. If you think this technology may fit your game, we have the information you need. 


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