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Where Can I Buy Graphite Golf Shafts for Irons?

Many players prefer graphite shafts over steel shafts for their irons. Because graphite is a lighter material, graphite shafts make for a lighter swing, which leads to higher swing speeds. As opposed to steel shafts which hit hard and ‘sharp’ on impact, the lighter quality of graphite gives a swing a softer feel, while delivering on the speed front. 

Buy Graphite Golf Shafts at Fairway Jockey

Fairway Jockey is a player’s one-stop-shop for all club-related needs and desires. With hundreds of available shafts ranging in material from wood, hybrid, and iron, it’s certain that you’ll find the right shaft for your swing.

Included in our roster is a series of graphite golf shafts, and like all of the Fairway Jockey offerings, these shafts are of the highest quality. Brands of graphite golf shafts include AD, Mitsubishi Chemical, Project X, and KBS TJI. 

A Peek at Graphite Golf Shaft Bestsellers

The following are a few favorite graphite golf shafts for irons amongst the golfing community. As with all shaft options on our website, extensive customization is available. Choose your preference on model, flex, grip, number of wraps of tape, and more. 

1. Tour AD

The Tour AD name bolsters a plethora of graphite shaft options, ranging from the HY Hybrid Shaft which is recognized for its mid spin, high ball flight characteristics to the Utility Driving Iron, which is regarded for its triple threat of feel, control, and distance.  Also assess the IZ, MJ, and DI models. 

2. Project X

A fan favorite is the Project X Catalyst Constant Weight Graphite Iron Shaft, which was actually manufactured to resemble a steel shaft with Iso-6 material technology. This lends itself to the playability that a steel shaft awards - however, Project X’s use of graphite provides for both stability and distance. True to its name, there’s a consistency in this graphite shaft that players crave.

3. Mitsubishi Chemical 

Another top-rated hybrid/iron graphite shaft is the C6 Black Hybrid/Iron Series from Mitsubishi Chemical, which is mid-launch and mid-spin. This shaft is special because it’s manufactured in a similar fashion to how Mitsubishi Chemical designs their C6 Wood Series, which optimizes shaft frequency, weight, torque, profile, launch, and spin. 

Explore Fairway Jockey’s Graphite Golf Shaft Collection

To explore the available graphite golf shafts available, simply visit the Custom Shafts tab. To the left, there is a navigation bar that will help you sort by brand, shaft type, trajectory, and spin rate, and the ‘search’ feature can also yield results. 

If you run into any questions about specific models and subtle differences between shafts of the same brand or series, schedule a fitting via thirty minute phone appointment or contact us on live chat. Our fitters are on standby waiting to assist you.


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