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Which Rangefinder is Right For Me? (Bushnell vs. Blue Tees)

It seems as though each year new rangefinder companies are coming to the market. The industry continues to expand, and many golfers are left wondering if these newer companies have what it takes to compete with the industry leaders. Two of the top names in rangefinder technology at the moment are Bushnell and Blue Tees. We have made a quick comparison to help you choose which of these rangefinders is better for your game. It’s important to remember, with golf equipment, the idea is to find the best match for your game, not just the best overall product. 

Bushnell Rangefinders

Who Should Play: The serious golfer that wants precision and premium technology regardless of the price 

The Bushnell Rangefinders have had a very long history in the world of golf. In addition to golf, Bushnell features technology that works for hunting and even industrial purposes. Some of the technology to look out from Bushnell includes the following. 

Slope vs. Non Slope

If you happen to be playing in a golf tournament, all Bushnell rangefinders allow you to turn off slope and use it from a non slope standpoint. The ability to toggle back and forth is essential. 

BITE Technology 

A magnetic strip built directly into the rangefinder allows you to attach the Bushnell to the golf cart. This strip eliminates the need for players to purchase additional holders and carriers. 

Visual Jolt

If you have a hard time finding the target, Visual Jolt lets you know you are there. Golfers have full confidence they have the right number. 

Long Range 

Most Bushnell Rangefinders have a very long range and tremendous accuracy from this long range. Not that you will need yardage from more than 1000 yards away; if you do, Bushnell has you covered. 

Many Models To Choose From 

Although the pricing of the Bushnell rangefinders is typically higher than other options on the market, in the end, they have a great warranty and longevity. 

Blue Tees Rangefinders 

Who Should Play: Golfers of all handicap levels looking for premium technology offered at a fair price 

The Blue Tees rangefinders have not been on the market as long as Bushnell; however, this company is growing quickly and putting out technology that can rival almost any competitor. 

Slope Switch 

There are several different Blue Tees Rangefinders to choose from, yet they all have the slope switch feature, allowing you to use your rangefinder in tournament settings. 

Magnetic Technology 

Similar to the BITE technology from Bushnell, Blue Tees has a magnetic strip in the newest Blue Tees Series 3 that has a very strong hold on the golf cart. 

Pulse Vibration 

When you lock in your target, the Blue Tees will vibrate to let you know. If you worry about rangefinders and accuracy, this feature is a must-have. 

Range and Accuracy 

The price difference between the Bushnell and the Blue Tees rangefinders probably has you wondering where the difference in technology is. The main difference you will see is long-rangein the range. The Blue Tees Rangefinders don’t have as long of a range as the Bushnell, and the readings can sometimes take just a split second longer. 

Recap: Bushnell vs. Blue Tees 

There is no way that we could call Bushnell rangefinders or Blue Tees rangefinders the absolute best on the market. Finding the best rangefinder will take more consideration about the features you need for your game, your budget, and the product’s longevity. The Bushnell and the Blue Tees rangefinders offer some of the best technology on the market.


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