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Which VA Composites Shaft Is Best for Me?

We like to refer to ourselves as the ‘Fairway Jockey Superstore’ simply because of the vast number of options we have available to players looking for a customized golf club. Our options span from a wide range of esteemed brands and, within each brand, there are diverse shaft offerings depending on a player’s goals and experience levels. 

One of the brands we are proud to offer is VA Composites. Known for their use of high-quality composite exotic materials, VA Composites was founded by Victor Afable, who has over 35 years of golfing and industry experience. These prepreg materials make VA Composites shafts a worthwhile choice for many golfers.

Fairway Jockey is proud to offer ten VA Composites shafts. The following includes descriptions of each so you can determine which shaft is best for you, categorized by their launch and spin profiles. Think of ‘launch’ as the trajectory a ball takes upon impact. The higher the shaft’s launch, the higher the arc of the ball. ‘Spin’ refers to how the ball spins, so the lower the spin, the more control that’s afforded, which typically translates to further distances.

VA Composites Shaft Options for Mid-Launch, Low-Spin

  • The Vylyn Wood Shaft is also mid-launch, low-spin and is regarded for offering a smooth swing and an average load.

VA Composites Shaft Options for High-Launch, Mid-Spin

VA Composites Shaft Options for High-Launch, Low-Spin

  • The Slay Hybrid Shaft and Slay Wood Shaft have been referred to as one of the most universal shafts in the industry for its ability to aid in performance for a wide range of players.

VA Composites also offers the NEMESYS Wood Shaft, which is unlike most other shafts on the market because it features one of the highest balance points in golf, due to the use of tungsten in the butt section. This provides additional stability.

When in doubt about which shaft will help your game most, contact one of our experienced fitters, who are available via live chat or phone appointment on weekdays. Additionally, we recently launched an ‘ask a question’ feature so that you can submit a question about a specific product, and a member of our team will get back to you.


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