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Who Is the Accra TZ6 Right For?


Order the Accra TZ6 to Your Specifications

The TZ6 is available in the following models:

  • TZ6 45
  • TZ6 55
  • TZ6 65
  • TZ6 75 
  • TZ6 85

The TZ6 also has flex options of M3, M4, and M5.

As with all shafts at Fairway Jockey, customers are given a plethora of options for an adaptor sleeve to go along with the shaft. We feature a variety of both right and left dexterity adaptor sleeve options from top brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist. Additionally, the following customization options are available on our website:

  • The option for SST Shaft Pure Alignment, a $30 add-on that ensures the shaft is as stable as it can be. Using proprietary technology and computer software, the ‘neutral plane’ within each shaft is identified, which greatly improves its performance once on the green.
  • Playing length, which is available for the Accra TZ6 in lengths in .25 different variations ranging from 42 inches to 46.5 inches
  • Grip options, differing in price ($10-$20) brand (with options from brands like Iomic and Golf Pride Tour), and color (depending on the brand, but featuring colors such as orange, gray, ‘blackout standard’, and blue).
  • The number of wraps of tape (1-3) 

Fairway Jockey’s Shaft Options

Every player looks for a different feel or impact in their club, and at Fairway Jockey, we build custom-made clubs from the individually chosen components. Although both the shaft and head choice for a club is important, both must be assessed critically as even the slightest differentiations can have an impact on a club’s performance.

Fairway Jockey’s team of club experts are here to answer any specific questions you may have about the vast array of options on our site.

Players who crave stability in their swing but don’t want to sacrifice power enjoy the Accra TZ6 wood shaft. Created for lower torque and reduced spin, control is achieved throughout the entire swing, with an explosive tip section maintained. 

The Accra golf brand’s technology has developed a proprietary design to create this ‘best of both worlds’ design, where players of all experience levels don’t have to choose between the confidence awarded from club stability and the impact and speed awarded from a club made for power. The design specifically is oriented in the butt section, where golfers can tap into the strength of the shaft without sacrificing the feel. 

Accra’s latest innovation features a material technology alongside the shaft that gives it a torsional strength with a faster recovery speed. This, and its higher launch, is what differentiates the TZ6 from the Accra TZ5.



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