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Who Is the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft Good For?

At Fairway Jockey, we let the player take charge of what they want most in a golf club. We know that standard clubs with the same brand for a shaft and head don’t always serve the best performance on the green. A top contender recently has been the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft, better known since it made a few star appearances in the bags of top pro golfers. 

The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft can still be a great fit for golfers of all levels. Decide for yourself which shaft and which club head work best for you, and we’ll make that dream into a reality. We can even reshaft your existing clubs!

Stability and Control for Stronger Players 

The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft tends to be preferred by stronger players due to a few key characteristics. For one, it features a classic tip stiff and a low launch bend portfolio. While this contributes greatly to overall stability of the swing, stronger players tend to prefer it. Its stability melds well with the maximum feel this shaft provides, which gives feedback to experienced players who are looking to feel their swing without sacrificing any control. 

Additionally, its boron tip provides for a lower torque, adding a bit more stability and control to a swing. While Mitsubishi was upfront about the shaft’s preference by stronger players, its stability and control can also provide benefits to newer and less experienced golfers, too.

 If you’re not quite a pro but have played recreationally for a number of years, you may enjoy the tandem of feel and control that this shaft awards. Pro golfers prefer it for the stability it provides to the swing. It comes down to personal preference: what may be lacking in a current set, and what you prefer more of. 

Available Customizations for the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft

The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft is available on our website in White Wood and Blue Wood. Then, a series of customization questions will follow, including:

  • Model choice (50, 60, 70, or 80)
  • Shaft adaptor sleeve
  • Preferred grip
  • Number of wraps of tape
  • Playing length 

Fairway Jockey provides endless customization options for players in search of the perfect club. If there’s an interest in moving forward with the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro Shaft, we can reshaft an existing club or offer customizations with the head that you’re looking for. If not, we have hundreds of other choices from brands such as Aerotech, Fujikura, Project X, True Temper, and many more. Navigate all available club shafts according to your specifications, where you can sort by brand, trajectory, spin rate, and shaft type (wood, hybrid, iron, or putter).

We believe every player should have the freedom and autonomy to construct their perfect club, and although there are many great club brands available, the head and shaft combination should be customized to every golfer’s specific needs. Orders of any size can be accommodated, from one single club to an entire set. We understand the immense investment of customizing a handbuilt golf club, and will assist you through all questions regarding specifications, shafts, clubs, and stock clubs. 

Each of the shaft options on our website offers a detailed description of the product’s most notable features, including commentary on its torque, tip stiff, launch, spin, and other comments from the manufacturers. We also share a video of the SST Pure process for each shaft that has been poured. 

This is the very process that we use in our warehouse in the club building regiment, and the video offers a more detailed understanding of what will happen once a shaft selection is made. This shaft puring process can occur frequently: every two weeks for pro golfers! 

Fairway Jockey also offers free ground shipping. Be cognizant of the lead time when placing your order, as it depends for each product. Each club is handbuilt in our 20,000 square foot factory in Scottsdale, Arizona, then inspected four times to ensure perfection and satisfaction before it’s shipped out. For more specific questions about this shaft or Fairway Jockey’s build process: connect with one of our club fitting specialists or submit a ticket online.


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