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Who Should Use Vokey SM8 Black Wedges?

The Vokey golf wedges are very likely the most well-known wedge in the game of golf. For many people playing with a Vokey is the only choice they have. With impressive spin, feel, and distance control, there is no questioning that the Vokey wedges are impressive. However, are they for all golfers? If you are unsure whether you need a Vokey SM8 Jet Black in your bag, we have answers that can help.

Vokey SM8 Jet Black Overview

Vokey takes their wedge design quite seriously. They believe in having options and features that can help any player in the game. The new SM8 wedges are built with a new and improved center of gravity and the proprietary Spin Milled grooves.

The center of gravity was moved outside of the wedge head and put directly in the club's face. The direct result of this process is an increase in feel. For most players, feel is the most critical factor in choosing a wedge.

In addition to the increased feel, the Vokey wedges also have very high MOI. With the higher MOI, it's easier to control the ball and stop it where you need it to stop.

The Good

  • Microgrooves cut between each of the grooves
  • Heat treatment for increased durability
  • Spin Milled grooves for maximum spin
  • High MOI
  • Increased control from previous models
  • A tremendous number of bounce and grind options
  • Grooves cut depending on the loft and lie of the club
  • Classic looking blade shape design

The Bad

  • The number of grind options can be a bit overwhelming for some players 

What Is The Benefit of the Jet Black Finish on The SM8 Wedges?

Aside from making the wedge look beautiful, the Jet Black finish on the Vokey SM8 helps reduce glare. The chrome and high satin finishes on golf clubs have started to disappear.

Players realize that these alternative finishes look cleaner, are more effective in reducing glare, and sometimes increase player confidence.

Should I Play With A Vokey SM8 Black Wedge?

Experts will tell you to choose a golf club based on your skill level. For things like driver and irons, this makes quite a bit of sense. Yet, when it comes to the short game, all golfers have equal opportunities to succeed. 

You don't need to have strength and speed to be an expert in the short grass. Golfers that care about getting their wedge game to the next level can benefit from putting a Vokey SM8 Jet Black in their bag.

If you understand the importance of feel around the greens and want the best possible tools for getting up and down, put a Vokey into play.

The wedge will provide more spin and more control than almost any other option on the market. With all the combinations available, you can fill your golf bag with these Vokey SM8's this season.


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