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Why Do PGA Tour Players Play Aftermarket Golf Shafts Only?

Aftermarket golf shafts go beyond stock shafts, delivering the highest quality with customization options for players. The quality of the shaft is arguably what makes a club’s performance because of its influence on the overall swing. Investing in an aftermarket shaft is a preferred route for players who are serious about improving their game. This applies to PGA Tours as well as weekend warriors.. 

By contrast, stock shafts typically don’t possess the customization options that a serious player would want in a shaft. There are several specific reasons why PGA Tour players almost always play aftermarket golf shafts.

Aftermarket shafts are made with the highest quality materials.

Aftermarket shafts are made with the tightest tolerances and most are made with the highest end carbon fibers, which is what provides them with such a luxurious and impactful feel. These premium materials make a noticeable difference in a player’s swing as compared to stock shafts.

Aftermarket shafts can be custom built to a player’s specifications.

Think of a stock shaft as a ‘one size fits all’ option. Because of its lack of range, it works for new players who are just getting used to the course, but more advanced players (and especially PGA tour players) crave the control and feel awarded from an aftermarket shaft customized perfectly to their specifications and measurements. Aftermarket shafts are custom-fitted for a players’s specific swing and preferences. 

Aftermarket shafts simply perform better than stock shafts do.

Because of these differences, players notice that their performance benefits from using an aftermarket shaft that has been custom-fitted to their needs and specifications. For example, if a player knows that they prefer more speed in their swing, certain brands of aftermarket shafts have been specifically engineered to provide greater speed. The same is true for control, stability, feel, and distance. 

In a test by Plugged In Golf, it was suggested that aftermarket shafts do provide greater distance and speed: according to their study, the aftermarket shaft provided an average ball speed of 2.66mph faster as compared to ball speeds from a stock shaft. This extended to carry distance, too, as the average distance difference was 9.63 yards further than stock shafts.

Fairway Jockey’s Aftermarket Golf Shafts

Fairway Jockey features dozens of premium brands and aftermarket shafts. Peruse our custom shafts to survey the different options available depending on your performance goals. If you need assistance navigating the many choices, our experienced fitters are on standby from 7:30am to 3:30pm PST every weekday via live chat or phone call to help you find the right choice for your game. 

Because aftermarket shafts can be customized, the build process for your shaft begins with you. When placing an online order, you’ll be able to choose from options for model, flex, shaft adaptor sleeve, playing length, and more. Prefer a custom made club? We offer those, too. To hit the next level in your game, try an aftermarket shaft from Fairway Jockey.

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