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Why Isn't Your Golf Driver Shaft Working?

Some golf players are using clubs with shafts that aren’t working for them, but can’t figure out why. At Fairway Jockey, we work with many players who were originally dissatisfied with their swing and therefore, their experience every time they played on the green. They wonder if their club isn’t working for them because of their own shortcomings in performance, but a golf driver shaft has an undeniable impact on a player’s swing. That’s why a custom-made shaft can be a game-changer in helping to unlock a player’s best performance.

The Importance of the Flex of the Shaft

One of the main reasons why a shaft isn’t working is because it has the wrong shaft flex and is either too firm (or stiff) or too weak (or flexible).

Repercussions of using a shaft that is too firm include: 

  • A harsher hit when the club head comes in contact with the ball, which negatively impacts performance.
  • The ball has a tendency to fly lower and therefore may achieve shorter distances as a result when a shaft is too stiff.
  • The lack of flexibility may cause the ball’s arc to sway out of a direct beeline towards the hole and more towards the right (or the ‘fade’).

Repercussions of using a shaft that is too flexible include: 

  • The shot can actually feel more solid, which is why it’s always best to have a shaft that is slightly more flexible than stiff. However, this should be delicately balanced by an experienced golf manufacturer who knows how to optimize a shaft’s flex (something Fairway Jockey can help you with).
  • The ball has a tendency to fly higher and therefore may achieve shorter distances because of the high arch of the ball. However, this also depends on the loft of the shaft, because in some cases, the distance may be longer when the shaft is more flexible. In any case, it will either be a shorter or further distance than intended.
  • Just as a shaft that’s too stiff can lean a ball’s arc to the right, a shaft that’s too flexible may have the opposite effect and lean the ball to the left. 

Customize Your Shaft

Even the slightest differences in how a shaft is constructed can have a significant impact upon your swing and therefore, your performance. At Fairway Jockey, peruse hundreds of shaft options from top brands, and choose customization options such as model, flex, a shaft adaptor sleeve, and more. Our manufacturers utilize your club head of choice for the proper tipping. 

In navigating new golf shaft options, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced representatives via phone call or 24/7 online chat. They can help to guide you through your decision making process, and share insight on some of the little known caveats of shaft and club build and customization processes.


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