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Wilson Dynapower Line

The Wilson DynaPower Line is the latest release, and it comes with a few surprises. Wilson has consistently brought golf clubs to the market that are both affordable and forgiving. The newest DynaPower line incorporates AI technology and is made to work for golfers that are looking to step up their accuracy and distance on the course. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Wilson DynaPower Line. 

Wilson DynaPower Irons 

The Wilson DynaPower irons are a game improvement iron built to maximize forgiveness without sacrificing ball speed. The high MOI design makes it easier to recover from an off-center hit. 

The DynaPower irons have a low center of gravity which helps to increase the launch capability. The club comes with a KBS Max Ultralite Steel shaft or the UST Recoil Dart 65 graphite, designed to increase total distance for the slower swing speed players. 

At Fairway Jockey, there are dozens of shaft options you can incorporate into the Wilson DynaPower irons. 

  • Low center of gravity 
  • Higher ball speeds than previous models
  • Incorporated AI technology to create a thinner face 

Wilson DynaPower Carbon Driver 

It’s not often that a golf manufacturer will put out two drivers made with two different materials. However, with this new DynaPower line, you can choose a carbon or a titanium driver. 

The DynaPower Carbon driver features lightweight carbon panels on the crown and the sole of the club. The result is a forward center of gravity that produces low spin and a neutral ball flight. 

Wilson also incorporated an adjustable loft sleeve to help make it easier to fine-tune the carbon driver to your needs. The Carbon drivers have a slightly softer feel than the Titanium drivers, so feel is something to consider when deciding if the Wilson DynaPower is for you. 

Wilson DynaPower Titanium Driver 

The Wilson DynaPower Titanium drier is a bit more of a traditional model for this brand. The Titanium driver focuses quite a bit on forgiveness. There is a 16-gram rear weight that is installed in the back of the club head to help increase forgiveness. 

You will also notice that this model is more of a draw bias design to help the golfers who get too much left to ride side spin on their drives. 

In addition, the Wilson DynaPower Titanium driver is fully adjustable with a 6-way loft sleeve. Any additional customizations needed to the Wilson DynaPower can be done when ordering your driver through Fairway Jockey. 

There are fairway wood and hybrid options in the DynaPower line that feature much of the same technology we see in the driver. 

Final Thoughts 

As Wilson golf clubs enter into the world of AI technology, we will see a slight price increase from previous models. However, keeping to their word of remaining fairly priced, the Wilson DynaPower golf clubs are a great solution for the average golfer looking to experience some of the latest technology on the market. Again, the fact that you can also compare the carbon model driver side by side with the titanium is a unique offering we are not seeing with other manufacturers.


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