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WITB Kevin Kisner - Wyndham Championship Winner

Kevin Kisner was able to secure his fourth win at the Wyndham Championship. Of course, he didn’t go about this the easy way. Having to play 18 holes and then an additional two with six players tied for the lead is quite an unusual way to add another victory. Kisner is a fun player to watch; he has a lot to say about the game and his solid skills. Callaway golf clubs will make up most of Kevin Kisner’s bag, although they are not all the new releases that you may think. If you want an insider’s look into what golf clubs helped Kevin Kisner pull of his Wyndham Championship win, we have all the details you need. 


With all the new releases on the market, Kisner is still using the Callaway GBB driver. Although this model is a few years old, set at 9.5 degrees with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X, it is working quite well for Kisner. It will be interesting to see if he transitions into the new Callaway Epic Speed models as he has in the fairway wood. 

Woods and Hybrid

The three wood in Kisner’s bag is a Callaway Epic Speed Triple diamond with a Fujikura Venus Blue 6X. It is no surprise that we see the consistency in the shaft between the driver and the three wood. The hybrid is a Callaway Apex Pro set at 18 degrees. 


The iron set in Kevin Kisner’s bag is a bit unique for a PGA Tour Professional. Typically we are used to seeing players swing with blade style 3 and 4 irons in their golf bag. However, Kisner does better with the Callaway Apex UT in the 21 and 24-degree lofts. These are essentially in place of his 3 and 4 iron. 

The 5-9 iron are the Callaway Apex Pro 2014. As you can see from the driver and the iron selection, when Kisner finds a club he likes, he sticks with it. The shafts in all of these irons are the Nippon Pro Modus3 120 TX


As you probably noticed, the last iron in the bag for Kisner is a nine iron. After the 9, he switches to the Titleist Vokey SM8 in a 46-degree loft. Following this is a Callaway Jaws Forged in 54 degrees and then a Vokey Design SM8 in 60 degrees. The inconsistency in the brand name in the wedges is something we are seeing happen more and more. As all golfers can understand, it is important to have variety in the shots that you can hit around the green; these wedges should help. 


Sinking that birdie putt on the second hole of the Wyndham Championship is what sealed the deal for Kisner. The putter he uses is the Odyssey Exo Seven with a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0. We can use one word to describe how Kisner’s putting stroke looks right now, and that is confident. 

If you want your bag to be built up a bit like Kevin Kisner’s, take a look at the latest Callaway irons and woods, as well as the Vokey SM8 wedges.


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