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WITB Patrick Cantlay - Memorial Tournament Winner


With an average driving distance of 300 yards, Cantlay is not the longest driver on tour. However, he is known for accuracy and a low dispersion rate. What better club for low dispersion than a Titleist driver. The Titleist TS3 is currently in Cantlay’s bag, set at 9.5 degrees. The shaft is a Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60 TX

Woods & Hybrid 

Cantlay keeps one wood in his bag, a Titleist 915F three wood. This is a fairly standard setup for many professionals. The 3 wood works as a great approach shot to the green on a long par 5, but it’s a backup off the tee if the driver is not performing as it should.

The hybrid in Cantlay’s bag is a Titleist 815 H2 which is set to 21 degrees. He has a Fujikura Ventus Black 10 TX in the hybrid. 


One of the more interesting things about Patrick Cantlay’s golf club setup is the irons he plays with. Golf irons from Titleist come out every year or so, and most players that have a relationship with Titleist will upgrade as soon as this happens. 

However, Cantlay likes his Titleist 718 AP2 irons in the 4-9 iron. The fact that he hasn’t upgraded shows what type of player he is and the fact that he wants equipment he is comfortable and successful with. 


You may have already guessed that Cantlay was going to be a Vokey wedge guy. He actually has four Vokey wedges in the bag. The first three wedges in 46, 52, and 56 degrees are the older style SM7 wedges.

For the 61 degree wedge he is using a Titleist Vokey SM8. His wedge setup is fairly standard and we love the consistently in the wedges with the matching design. 


Last but certainly not least is the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Putter. It’s hard to miss this putter as it really does stand out and Cantlay is quite good at using it. The Phantom X 5 is a mid mallet putter that is designed for great feel and consistency. This is a new line from Scotty Cameron and it reminds us a bit of the old Futura putters from many years ago. 

As you can see Patrick Cantlay is a Titleist player and when you look at the consistency and performance of his game, this is not all that surprising. Keep an eye on this player as we go through the rest of the season, hes got some great things going in his game.

Patrick Cantlay is starting to become one of the hottest players on tour. With his recent win at the Memorial, he is starting to get comfortable as a winner. Cantlay has four PGA Tour Victories and a ton of top ten finishes. At 29 years old, he has a strong future ahead of him that will likely include a major championship. As amateurs watching a golfer win a PGA Tour event, it can be helpful to see what they are carrying in their bag. Sometimes understanding the tools that put a tournament win together can help inspire your own game. Let’s take a look at what’s in Patrick Cantlays bag. 


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