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WITB Sam Burns - Valspar Championship Winner


Currently, Sam Burns has the Callaway Mavrik 10.5 degree driver in his golf bag. The driver is a TPT prototype and not quite like the one we sell at Fairway Jockey; however, general concepts and technology are the same. The Mavrik is built to have explosive distance coming off the driver’s face while still allowing players plenty of control over their shots. 

Woods and Hybrids

The Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero five wood at 17 degrees, and the Callaway Apex 23 degree hybrid make up the rest of the long-distance clubs in Sam Burns bag. Seeing the large gap from the driver down to the five wood gives a bit more insight into the type of player that Burns is. Clearly, he can hit the ball a long way, and having some options for being more accurate in the long game seems to be a better fit for him. 


Callaway Apex TCB makes up the 4-9 irons in the bag of Sam Burns. Interestingly, at the pitching wedge loft, he switches to the Callaway Jaws MD5 Raw wedge. Many players make this switch at the gap wedge and not the pitching wedge. The new Callaway Apex TCB irons have made their way into several tour pro golf bags but are not sold to the general public just yet. Hopefully, we can all get our hands on these irons soon. 


The Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges take up a good portion of Sam Burns’s golf bag. You will see that he carries these in the pitching wedge, 50, 56, and 60-degree lofts. We love when bags have uniform wedges and can keep the wedge game so much more consistent and natural. The right golf wedges win tournaments, and there is a strong chance we will see some more wins out of Sam Burns. 


To round out the set, Burns carries an Odyssey O Works Black #7S. The O Works has a great mix of classic feel with more modern styling. The Odyssey O Works Black #7S has a larger profile head, but it still sits flat to the ground. The streamlined look and impressive Odyssey feel have certainly helped Sam Burns roll down some putts in his last few events. 

Having a Callaway sponsorship certainly helps Burns stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Callaway. However, we can say we like his short game selections. In his most recent rounds, the short game was a very strong part of his game, something all amateurs would be happy about.

Watching Sam Burns come up from college golf through Korn Ferry and finally to win the 2021 Valspar has been quite enjoyable. Sam is one of those people you want to root for, and when you saw the family support when he finished at the Valspar, you know he has a large group of people cheering for him at any time. Another group of people rooting for Sam Burns is those at Callaway golf. Callaway is his sponsor, and they have certainly provided Burns with all of the tools that he needs to win on the PGA Tour. If you are curious about what Sam is playing with and wondering if it’s a good choice for your golf bag, we have all the details. 

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