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WITB Stewart Cink - RBC Heritage Winner

Drivers and Woods

Stewart Cink has a contract with Ping that he signed back in 2019. This is an eleven club deal that essentially gives him room to play with all Ping clubs, except for the wedges. 

Cink put the new Ping G425 Max in his bag this season. He plays it with a Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 6TX shaft. His clubhead speed is fast, yet not the fastest on tour. 

After the G425 Max Driver, he carries a G425 Max 3 wood. The G425 Max series clubs have very fast ball speeds and excellent spin control. The 3 Wood is also adjustable, so Cink can set it as the perfect gap between his driver and his 7 wood. 

The 7 wood is a Ping G 410, so it is a season older than the new 425. With the success Cink is having, we don't blame him for leaving a few of the clubs the same from last season. 


Stewart Cink carries the Ping i210 golf irons with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft. The Ping i210 is a mix of incredible feel and a bit of forgiveness. Cink is a great ball striker, yet these irons allow him to attack pins just a bit more. Clearly, that is paying off. 


The wedges are where Cink gets away from the Ping brand name. The Vokey SM8 wedges tend to be the right fit for Stewart Cink’s game. The spin milled design gives professionals the control and spin they are looking for on both the approach shots and the short shots around the green. It's hard for any manufacturing, Ping included, to compete with the Vokey wedges on tour. 


The putter is the club that probably deserves the most credit for Cink's recent success. He has so much confidence with this putter that it makes the game look easy from the green. When reading these WITB articles about your favorite player, pay close attention to the putters. Changing out a putter is where amateurs can see significant differences in their game. 

The Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch is the putter that Cink is currently using. Aside from a unique look, the Ping putters are known for the feel that they provide, regardless of handicap level. 

Recap: Stewart Cink WITB

Cink remains loyal to Ping, and his bag is a fairly classic mix of feel, distance, and a bit of forgiveness. When you think of Cink as a golfer, it's hard to imagine a set of clubs that would suit him better than these.

If you want to find out what is working for golfers and what is not, take a look at the players that are hot. There is no question that Stewart Cink is having one of the best years he has had in quite some time. Some will chalk it up to his son being his caddy; others claim it is his attitude and collective years of experience. Whatever you may believe is causing Cink to win, his equipment is, without a doubt, part of the equation. If you are curious about what Cink has in the bag, let’s take a deeper look. 


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