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XXIO 12 Line: What To Know?

It’s that time of year again when all golf manufacturers release their latest products. If 2022 is your year for new equipment, it makes sense to check out all of the latest releases. One company that you may not think to check out is XXIO. This brand has been up and coming for quite some time, and they have created an entirely new line for 2022 called the XXIO 12. We have some insider information on this line of XXIO clubs and whether or not it could be a good fit for your game. 

XXIO 12 Driver

The XXIO golf clubs in the 12 line are designed for a lightweight feel and forgiveness. Not all players have the club head speed necessary to get long distance and overall good feel. With the XXIO 12 Driver, golfers can get improved ball speed and play more golf without ever feeling fatigued. 

The new XXIO 12 driver has an excellent feel and a rebound frame to improve both launch and spin characteristics coming off the driver's head. If you sometimes get to the 18th hole and lack the energy necessary to play it well, the XXIO 12 driver will be there to help. 

XXIO 12 Fairway Woods

The new XXIO 12 fairway woods are available in a 3 wood all the way through to a 9 wood. If you are a fan of fairway wood technology, this set offers availability to fill your entire bag. The most interesting technology included in this set is the ActivWing aerodynamics. 

Essentially the shaping of the clubhead forces air out of the path of your swing and allows you to be consistent and have the proper face angle on your fairway woods at impact. 

XXIO 12 Hybrid

With the XXIO 12 hybrids, you can choose between a 3, 4, 5, or 6 hybrids. Each of the hybrids is built with the Rebound Speed Frame technology that will help increase overall launch and distance. The impressive hybrid technology allows you distance and forgiveness even when hitting out of the rough. 

XXIO 12 Irons

The new XXIO 12 irons are, without a doubt, premium golf irons. These clubs are made with materials like an extremely thin titanium face, and they help players improve their tempo and overall swing speed. 

The XXIO 12 will allow moderate to slow swing speed players to get more ball speed and distance from their golf irons without even having to adjust their swing. These irons start at the 5 iron and are available down to the AW. 

Bottom Line: XXIO 12

The XXIO 12 line of golf clubs is for the moderate to slow swing speed golfer that is tired of lacking distance on the golf course. With these golf clubs in play, golfers can increase the performance they get without making too many adjustments to their swing. XXIO has a premium price tag on their products, but they have very tight manufacturing tolerances and use only the best materials in their clubs. This should be a set that you consider in 2022.


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