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XXIO Prime and Prime Royal 2023 Release

The XXIO clubs are made for both men and women golfers and continue to expand their product selection each season. The main benefit that XXIO offers is a premium lightweight feel with plenty of speed and distance. A new line, the XXIO, and Prime Royal, is set to release in mid-April, with pre-order dates before the release. Let’s take a look at what the XXIO Prime and Prime Royal have to offer and who should be playing with them.

Who Are The XXIO Prime and Prime Royal Golf Clubs For?

The XXIO Prime golf clubs are lightweight and are designed for players looking to add distance to their games. We know that sometimes when adding distance to the game, we also lose a bit of accuracy. XXIO was well aware of that and worked on creating higher MOI in addition to the lightweight feel and optimization.

Features and Benefits of XXIO Prime and Prime Royal 2023

There are a few technologies that stand out as being an impressive new addition to the XXIO Prime and Prime Royal, one of these being the Weight Plus Technology.

Weight Plus Technology

With Weight Plus Technology, expect extra weight at the butt end of the golf club. The weight counterbalances the club, making it easier to hit more consistent golf shots. Interestingly, even though this adds more weight, it makes the club feel lighter and more controlled.

Remember, in golf, the swing weight (how heavy the club feels to swing) and the total weight (the actual weight measurement) of the club are two different things.


ActivWing is something that XXIO has used in the past to help improve aerodynamics. With a little bit of fine-tuning in the Prime and Prime Royal, the AcivWing makes the club more forgiving. Distance without accuracy is certainly not helping any golfer.

Titanium Faces

Not only do the XXIO Prime and Prime Royal drivers have titanium faces, but you can also find these faces on the irons as well. Only a few other clubs (Callaway Big Bertha 2023) on the market offer Titanium in the face of the iron.

With Titanium's lightweight but strong characteristics, the distance numbers from the XXIO Prime sets are rather impressive.


The official release date of XXIO Prime and Prime Royal is April 14th. At that time, you will find the Prime driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. In addition, the XXIO Royal driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

With the XXIO clubs, you can have an entire bag filled with equipment and gear that works for your needs. XXIO has very high manufacturing standards, and that is reflected in the pricing of these golf clubs.

Final Thoughts

Although this release is a little later than many of the major manufacturers, XXIO has brought some great new equipment to market. If you are a moderate to slower swing speed player looking to increase distance, improve feel and get a little help hitting the ball straight, the XXIO Prime and Prime Royal are clubs to look for.


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