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Bridgestone Tour B RXS MindSet 2024 Golf Balls


Product Overview

The TOUR B RXS delivers increased ball speed for maximum distance off the tee and a soft feel and increased spin for control on approach shots. The TOUR B RXS is ideal for players with swing speeds under 105 MPH who want additional spin. Jason Day assisted in the development of MindSet and plays the ball in professional competition


MindSet is a visual cue on the golf ball that reminds you of the easy three-step process.
  • Step One: IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET. The first step is information gathering. Where is my target, what is the distance, wind conditions and what club do I need to hit?
  • Step Two: VISUALIZE THE SHOT PATH. This step is about connecting to the target and visualizing the shot or putt you want to hit.
  • Step Three: FOCUS ON THE DOT. In this step, you stay connected to the target, clear your mind of analytical thoughts, focus on the green dot and execute the shot you visualized.