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WearSPF S.O.S Aloe Gel


Product Overview

97% undiluted aloe gel for soothing and hydrating skin post-sun or post-shave. Sending out an S.O.S. after you didn’t WearSPF? Our dye-free Sun Or Shave Aloe Gel gives you a mulligan by alleviating the aftermath. Designed to soothe and rehydrate irritated skin, the 97% undiluted formula has no water added—so it delivers potent natural aloe like the kind you’d get straight from the leaf. The versatile gel calms any kind of irritation from sunning to shaving and more, and is even gentle enough to be used as a daily moisturizer on all skin types. Reapply as often as needed on face or body.

How To Apply:

Apply generously to all areas of the skin post sun exposure, after shaving or as a daily moisturizer.