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Alignment Pro

Alignment Pro Golf Training Aid

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Product Overview

  • LIKE A REGULAR ALIGNMENT ROD BUT BETTER Alignment Pro is a unique, patent-pending design already used by Tour pros; it can rotate 90° (in 1° increments); this increased versatility rapidly improves key aspects of your game…
  • DEVELOPS 3 KEY AREAS OF YOUR GAME this golf training aid naturally makes your putting straighter, improves your approach game, and develops your swing to boost your course confidence; make more pressure shots, and surpass your best scorecard record
  • IMPROVE YOUR HANDICAP FAST this pack includes the Alignment Pro and a regular golf alignment stick, which when used together can help improve your swing gate by retraining your body’s muscle memory and making those core muscles stronger, to hit longer
  • CONSISTENT BALL POSITIONING take out the guesswork from your putting, chipping, and driving as these golf training aids are marked with lines every 4 inches from the center (the regular rod has a mark in the center); this will mean you make fewer faults and have a better game
  • LAYS DOWN GOOD FOUNDATIONS it’s easy to pick up bad habits in golf; Alignment Pro is a putting and swing trainer that ensures a solid game of golf every time; kick those bad-day blues, impress business clients, and beat your buddies!


Purchase Includes

  • (1) Single hinge alignment stick
  • (1) Regular alignment stick
  • Rubber caps on both sticks