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Cleveland Golf RTX 6 Zipcore Custom Wedge

Color: Tour Satin
Dexterity: RH
Loft/Bounce: 46.10

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Characteristics: A mid weight option in the Dynamic Gold line designed for players seeking low launch and trajectory.

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Cleveland Golf RTX 6 Zipcore Custom Wedge Specs

LoftBounceGrindLieLengthSwing Weight
46°10°Mid64°35 5/8"D3
48°10°Mid64°35 5/8"D3
50°10°Mid64°35 3/8"D4
52°10°Mid64°35 3/8"D4
54°Low+64°35 1/8"D5
54°10°Mid64°35 1/8"D5
54°12°Full64°35 1/8"D5
56°Low+64°35 1/8"D5
56°10°Mid64°35 1/8"D5
56°12°Full64°35 1/8"D5
58°Low64°34 7/8"D5
58°10°Mid64°34 7/8"D5
58°12°Full64°34 7/8"D5
60°Low64°34 7/8"D5
60°10°Mid64°34 7/8"D5
60°12°Full64°34 7/8"D5

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