Golf Training Aids

Golf Power SwingFan

Size/Color: Ladies 4 x 17"

Product Overview

Maximize your golf swing potential with the Power SwingFan, the ultimate tool for increasing distance and control. Designed to produce maximum resistance at impact, this golf swing fan trainer is a game-changer for improving your swing technique, achieving longer drives, and lowering your scores.

Using innovative air resistance technology, the four-finned design of the Power SwingFan generates maximum resistance as you swing through impact. Unlike weighted clubs, you're in control of the effort, ensuring a personalized workout every time.

Available in men's, ladies', and junior sizes, the Power SwingFan caters to golfers of all levels. The ladies' model, with slightly narrower fins, is suitable for anyone over 5 feet tall and is even utilized by some men seeking speed training.

Size/Color: Ladies 4 x 17"