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The KBS $ Taper Lite has similar characteristics to the professional tour winning KBS $-Taper and made it into a light weight tour performance option. It provides the player with a slightly higher ball flight than the original $-Taper, but delivers the same strong shot making and ball workability to a new audience. You can purchase the KBS $ Taper Lite in the following flexes: regular, stiff, and x-stiff. You can buy the KBS $ Taper Lite built to your required specifications.

PRO TIP: The KBS $ Taper Lite is ideal for the player looking for a higher launch than the original $ Taper, but maintains the mid spin profile. 

Due to Covid-19, as a Built-to-Order business we are occasionally experiencing delays in shipment from our manufacturers, which impacts our fulfillment and turnaround times.  

This means fulfillment time may vary with each type of custom built product. When all OEM components are available for each order, we strive to target 6-10 business days for custom shafts and 10-14 business days for custom irons/woods not including transit times. 

Our team aims to hit these target fulfillment times - In the event that there is a backordered component or a delay, we will deliver prompt communication.

Understand our fulfillment process here.

Please note: Expedited shipping options at checkout are based after fulfillment period.

Updated 7/6/2020.


We are a Built-to-Order business. Please read the following below as you will be accepting these terms after final payment is received.

  1. A 3% cancellation fee will be applied to order cancellations within one (1) business day of placing the order. 
  2. A 90% refund (10% restocking fee) will be issued for an order cancelled when pending with the build shop.
  3. There will absolutely be no cancel order requests with orders already in the process of building.
  4. All orders delivered in full are final. Some exceptions apply.
  5. Order modifications must be made within (1) business day of placing order. No exceptions.


Due to the nature of custom work, we do not take any returns for any order. We may open exceptions if the order is deemed different from the original order. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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