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Color: Black

Product Overview

Double-Insulated FlaskStay hydrated with our 20oz stainless steel thermos. Cold or hot, it's got you covered.

Speaker: Groove on the go with our clear and vibrant Bluetooth speaker. Elevate every moment, from workouts to chill sessions.

Portable Charger: Power up and stay connected. Your device's best friend in times of need.

LED Light Modes: Sync with your beats or set the mood. Strobe, flow, or glow – it's a light show in a bottle!

App-Controlled: Seamless connection. Control settings, customize light patterns, and more.

Surround Sound Feature: Connect multiple LITFLASKs for a surround sound experience.

Waterproof: The Litflask is built to handle any environment your adventures take you.

Color: Black