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WearSPF Non-Nano Mineral Sunscreen


Product Overview

Our broad-spectrum reef-safe mineral SPF 30 lotion for face and body. If you want to protect both your skin and the ocean, grab our Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen before heading to the beach. It creates a physical barrier to reflect the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, and is formulated with larger “non-nano” particles that aren’t absorbed into your skin or ingested by marine life such as coral, a vital part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Instead of dissolving if it comes off skin in seawater, this formula settles to the ocean floor and becomes part of the sediment, making it marine and reef safe. WearSPF and ReapplySPF every 80 mins. ReapplySPF after swimming or sweating. Reapply SPF after towel drying.

How To Apply: 

Apply liberally and evenly to the face, neck, and body 15 minutes before sun exposure. ReapplySPF every 80 minutes.