Proto Concept Forged CB Custom Wedge
Proto Concept Forged CB Custom Wedge

Product Description

Proto Concept Forged CB


This wedge was created with a single-minded goal to create a wedge so that golfers who feel uncomfortable with approaching can hit with confidence.

The wedge features an innovative sole shape that does not bounce or bite because it slides even when entering from the front. By making the total weight appropriate, swings can be made using inertia of the swing. The sole shape is also optimally wide and rounded, making it difficult to make errors on the top or rough whether hitting with down or upper swing trajectory.

Unlike wedges that are generally considered to be soft with their light weight, wide sole and large bounce, this wedge is easy to address with and have an authentic look.


Optimal head weight, balance and sole shape design

The models that are said to be soft are generally “light, have wide soles and high bounce,” but if the total weight is too light, the sole may not be able to slide in fairways and bunkers and bounce back, especially for women with less strength. The optimal head weight, balance and sole shape allow swings with the inertia of the swing, preventing errors on top and roughs.

Face Dot Milling demonstrating spin performance from any lie

The number of processes for precision face score line forging has been increased to achieve greater precision than machining. In addition, the newly developed Face Dot Milling produces consistent spin and improved control under all lies and weather conditions.

Head shape that is easy to hold and gives a sense of security

The cavity shape of the large head provides a sense of security. The straight neck makes it easy to set up in the right direction, attack at the lowest point of the swing and make contact quickly, allowing easy capture of the ball and attack as per the loft.


Proto Concept Forged CB Custom Wedge

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