Stewart Golf

Stewart Golf Q Follow

Finish: Black Edition
Battery: 18 Hole

Product Overview

Experience the golf course in its purest sense with Stewart Golf's Follow technology. Walk hassle-free down the fairway and leave your worries behind you as you get the pro-like benefit of being able to focus exclusively on your golf.

The all-new Q Follow features the very latest seventh generation of Follow technology. Engineered to allow you to walk the fairway with zero distractions, this is the only way to walk.

*The Q Follow has been optimized for use with any cart or tour style bag. Using a lightweight and often ‘top heavy’ stand bag reduces the load on the front wheels, which means the steering may react faster than intended.


  • The Most Compact Follow Cart Ever
  • 3 Modes: Follow, Remote, Manual
  • Remote with up to a 50-yard range
  • Two dual-bearing, free rolling wheels with supreme natural balance for total confidence when tackling a hilly course.
  • Fits most golf bags
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Finish: Black Edition
Battery: 18 Hole