Tour Aim Golf

Tour Aim 2.0 With 3 Alignment Sticks + Alignment Stick Headcover

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Product Overview

What's In The Box?   📦🏌️‍♂️

    • The Tour Aim 2.0
    • 3 Premium Tour Aim Golf Alignment Sticks
    • 1 High Quality Leather Tour Aim Alignment Stick Headcover
    • Tour Aim carry pouch

      What Does The Tour Aim Help You With? 

      The Tour Aim 2.0 will help you with more than just aiming properly at your target.  It can be used for:

      • Fixing your over the top golf swing so you stop hitting slices and pull hooks.
      • Fixing the stubbed and bladed chips and pitches around the greens (which means you'll get more up and down and instantly lower your scores).
      • Eliminating your 3-Putts and make more putts inside 10 feet so you save more pars and make less bogeys.