TPT Power Range Hybrid Shaft

Model/Flex: 15 LO

Configure below: Custom shafts are built to your desired length and installed with your choice of grip and OEM hosel adapter.


Club Type
Please select whether this shaft will be for a driver or fairway wood. This affects length options and install.
Club Build Info: Brand, Model, Loft
Please provide the details of the club build type (ex: TaylorMade Stealth 10.5). This ensures install specifications are correct.
Club Length
Industry standard playing lengths vary depending on model and loft. Please refer to the club manufacturing website for standard playing lengths.
SST Puring
SST PUREing analyzes the structure of a golf shaft and identifies its most stable bending plane, allowing the builder to assemble the club in an orientation that maximizes consistency. Watch video
Grip Selection:
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Extra Wraps
By default, 1 wrap is used to install grip. Choose number of extra wraps if preferred.
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TPT Power Range Hybrid Shaft

Introducing the TPT Power Range Shaft: Unlock Maximum Power! Combining Nitro's raw force with TPT's precision, this shaft revolutionizes your game. Experience Pure Power with optimized fiber placement, boosting your shots with a guaranteed 3 MPH speed increase. Crafted with Swiss precision by NTPT, it's the choice of champions. Dominate the course with TPT.


14 LŌLow1021.8042
15 LŌLow972.0042
16 LŌLow922.2042
17 LŌLow872.3542
18 LŌLow82.52.4542
19 LŌLow782.5542
14 HĪMid1021.8042
15 HĪMid972.0042
16 HiMid922.2042
17 HĪMid872.3542
18 HĪMid82.52.4542
19 HĪMid782.5542
20 HĪMid732.6542
21 HĪMid68.52.8042

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