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XXIO 13 Women's Hybrid

Dexterity: RH
Loft: 18
Flex: R

Product Overview

All-new XXIO 13 Hybrids give moderate swing speed golfers a lightweight, versatile option for hitting longer, straighter shots from nearly anywhere on the course.


This airfoil design harnesses aerodynamic forces to better stabilize the clubhead during your downswing. It helps guide the club face into optimal strike position, making it easier for you to hit the sweet spot and improve ball speed.


Rebound Frame uses alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones to enhance overall COR, creating an effect that acts like a spring within a spring. It adds ball speed and distance to every shot.

Dexterity: RH
Loft: 18
Flex: R


Club HeadLoftLengthSwing Weight
3 Hybrid18º40.75"D0
4 Hybrid20º40.25"D0
5 Hybrid23º39.75"D0
6 Hybrid26º39.25"D0