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Best Graphite Iron Shafts For Seniors

The easiest approach to increase your distance, accuracy, and overall performance on the course is to select the best iron shaft. The best iron shafts for seniors will be those that are lightweight, graphite shafts that promote high launch and better distance. A lightweight iron shaft can also help increase stamina, and reduce the fatigue throughout the round. Therefore it is important to shy away from steel shafts, and limit your search to graphite shafts only.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to iron shafts. And as the #1 online provider of aftermarket shafts in the industry, we're here to offer our expert insights on the best iron shafts to help individuals improve ball speed, carry distances without sacrificing stability and accuracy.

The shafts we will cover are lightweight, graphite, and promote higher ball speeds.

Best Overall Iron Shafts For Seniors

LA Golf A-Series Shaft

The A-Series is a high-performance design proven to be popular with Tour players and amateurs alike. The 45 gram A series is a lightweight, senior shaft designed to produce high launch. We like it because it offers premium materials and superior consistency.

The lighter a shaft is, the more difficult it is to achieve stability. But LA Golf has been able to do that at a very high level. If you're looking for a premium high quality shaft that will provide amazing consistency and high launch characteristics, then this shaft is ideal for you.

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Mitsubishi Chemical MMT Taper

The Mitsubishi Chemical MMT Tour Taper utilizes a patent pending Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) to redefine the possibilities for feel and performance in a composite iron shaft. A unique metal mesh made from individually braided strands of 304 Stainless Steel is integrated into the shaft’s prepreg layers towards the tip. What does that all mean? Improved stability which ultimately leads to tighter dispersion.

The MMT is also available in a sub 60g option - which is rare for an iron shaft. This 55 A flex option is ideal for low swing speed players.

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Fujikura Axiom Iron Shaft

The Fujikura Axiom is one of the most popular iron shafts of 2024 for all player types. AXIOM introduces an unparalleled level of iron shaft performance. For the first time, Fujikura’s proprietary VELOCORE TECHNOLOGY has been integrated into an iron shaft that delivers the same industry-leading performance gains initially introduced in VENTUS and VENTUS TR.

The lowest weight in the Axiom lineup is 75g, slightly higher than the shafts we mentioned above. But the performance of the Axiom shaft prevents us from being able to leave it off this list! For senior players that are comfortable with a 75 gram option, this may be your best option.

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Graphite Design Tour AD Iron Shaft

Graphite Design makes some of the best composite shafts in the game, and the Tour AD Iron shaft is no different.

The Graphite Design Tour AD Iron features a discrete length and constant weight shaft profile, meaning each individual shaft length is designed for each individual iron club loft and each shaft length maintains the same shaft weight from the longest to the shortest club to provide the best feel, balance and performance.

If you place a priority on feel, the the Graphite Design Tour AD may be for you. For seniors, we recommend the Tour AD 55 or 65 R flex options.

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Fujikura Vista Pro Iron Shaft

The Vista Pro is an excellent shaft for seniors, and is one of the best budget friendly options. Vista Pro Iron Shafts are flighted lines designed with specific performance characteristics based on weight and flex. Lighter weights provide higher launch and more spin to improve carry distance while heavier weights will generate a mid-launch with moderate spin.

We recommend the 40 R2 flex for senior players.

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KBS PGI Players Graphite Iron

The KBS TGI Tour shaft is a great choice for those that are used to playing a steel, or heavier weight graphite shaft but are wanting to transition to something more senior friendly.

The KBS TGI Tour Graphite is the first graphite shaft to play like KBS steel with optimized weight and stiffness per player to gain maximum playability and performance. It plays like steel, but offers the weight and performance of a graphite shaft. We recommend the TGI Tour 50 or 60 for senior players.

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What flex is best for senior golfers?

Senior shaft flex's are typically designated as 'A' or 'R2'. Accra and other brands sometimes use a letter and number combination. In this case look for M2 or M3.

What gram weight is best in a senior iron shaft?

Most senior's will benefit from a lightweight shaft. Iron shafts will typically be heavier than wood shafts. While wood shafts typically range between 40-60 for woods, we recommend something in the 50-80 gram range for irons. The slower swing speed you have, the lighter your shaft should be in theory. A lighter shaft promotes a higher swing speed and is typically optimized to produce a higher ball flight and help increase carry distances.

What are the best senior shafts for drivers?

Read our Best Senior Driver Shafts guide!


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