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Bettinardi Studio B Reserve Raw Carbon Putters

Are you ready to take your putter collection to the next level? Look no further than the exclusive Studio B Reserve Collection by Bettinardi. Crafted with precision and innovation, these limited edition putters are designed to enhance your performance on the green. 

BB1 Wide

The BB1 Wide in the Studio B Reserve lineup boasts a distinctive appearance and feel. Constructed from Soft Carbon Steel and featuring a Micro Honeycomb face, this putter delivers a softer touch and smoother auditory feedback. The elegant Sable Whiskey finish not only reduces glare but also exudes tranquility during setup. With its 1/4 toe hang, the BB1 Wide suits golfers with a moderate arc in their putting stroke, ensuring optimal performance with every putt.


Reviving the classic BB29 head, the Studio B Reserve Raw Carbon edition incorporates refined modifications for enhanced performance. This traditional heel-toe weighted blade showcases a squared frame and a smooth flange, providing visual cues for precise alignment. The Plumber’s neck design offers 1/4 toe hang, catering to golfers with a moderate putting arc. Crafted from Soft Carbon Steel with a Micro Honeycomb face, the BB29 combines a softer material with firm face milling for unparalleled consistency on the greens.


The Studio B Reserve SS28 pays homage to the revered Studio Stock series, featuring a timeless headshape crafted from Soft Carbon Steel. With its Center Shaft design and 1/2 toe hang, this putter facilitates effortless alignment and accommodates golfers with a moderate to maximum putting arc. The FIT Face over Honeycomb milling enhances the soft feel and promotes forward roll, ensuring superior control and forgiveness on every stroke.


Experience a fresh interpretation of the classic Studio Stock 9 with the Studio B Reserve edition. Constructed from Soft Carbon Steel and adorned with a distinctive Sable Whiskey finish, the SS9 offers a softer feel and a bold aesthetic. The double-bend shaft design renders the putter face-balanced, making it ideal for golfers with a minimal arc or a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke.


A perennial favorite among golfers, the Studio Stock 7 makes a triumphant return in the Studio B Reserve collection. Crafted from Raw Carbon Steel and featuring a classic half-moon shape, the SS7 exudes timeless elegance. The Soft Carbon Steel construction and Micro Honeycomb face ensure a softer feel and enhanced auditory feedback. Paired with a double-bend shaft for face balance, the SS7 caters to golfers with a minimal arc or a straight-back-straight-through stroke.


Combining exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, these putters are designed to elevate your performance and inspire confidence on the greens. Don't miss your chance to own a collector's piece.


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