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Bettinardi Studio Stock Line

The Bettinardi Studio Stock line at Fairway Jockey has some of the most well-known putters in the market for golfers to choose from. Whether you are a blade or mallet-style golfer, there is a Bettinardi Studio Stock option for you. The new line of Bettinardi Studio stock putters focuses on a mix of feel, distance control, and forgiveness that won’t sacrifice any performance. Here’s a more in-depth look at what these putters have to offer. 

Bettinardi Studio Stock 16

The Studio Stock 16 is the mallet putter in the group with impressive face-balanced performance and plenty of stability throughout the stroke. Golfers will find that even though this is a mallet design putter with a slightly larger head, it has a more compact or refined look at address. 

Like all the putters in the Studio Stock line, you can expect a 303 stainless steel precision milled head and the Roll Control Face. The Roll Control Face has made the face softer but still allows the putter to travel down the line with plenty of speed. 

Bettinardi Studio Stock 9 Spud 

There are two Bettinardi Studio Stock 9 putters. One is a Spud neck, and the other is a Plumbers Neck. The Spud is a single-bend design that can be a great option for those with a slight arc in their stroke. 

Golfers find that the mid-body blade is a little wider than the standard blade model, allowing for a higher MOI. The SS9 Spud also features the Diamond Blast finish to lower the glare and help showcase the design. 

Bettinardi Studio Stock 9 Plumbers

With the Studio Stock 9 plumbers from Bettinardi, you get the same model you do with the Spud, except the shaft to putter head connection is a more squared-off plumbers neck. 

Bettinardi Studio Stock 14

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 14 is most like a classic blade putter. The club has a flat topline and is a perfect match for those with an arc-style putting stroke. The Studio Stock 14 is a heel-toe weighted putter that has an incredibly soft feel and a glare-resistant finish. 

The Studio Stock 14 has a Lamkin Sink Fit Grip and a Catelton green and black Studio Stock headcover. If you know the Bettinardi line, you know headcovers are just as important as the rest of the club! 

Bettinardi Studio Stock 35

The final model in the series is the Bettinardi Studio Stock 35. The Studio Stock 35 is a compact mallet perfect for golfers who are undecided when choosing between a blade and a mallet putter. 

This putter is a unique look, and the weight is distributed more toward the perimeter of the putter. The result is a higher MOI and more forgiveness when the center of the face is just missed. 

The Studio Stock 35 features a bit of offset and ends up being perfect for golfers with a slight arc. 

Final Thoughts 

This unique line of Bettinardi putters truly offers an option for every player. Make sure to grab your STudio STock putter with the exact specifications needed to fit your game. If you have questions, Fairway Jockey Club fitting specialists can help. 


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