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Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrid - New Release

Some hybrid golf clubs are starting to cost almost as much as a driver or fairway wood. However, with the technology that these hybrids offer and their versatility, not too many players will complain. The Epic Max Star Hybrid is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a brand new lightweight, forgiving, and high-flying hybrid technology. If you have had your eye on this new Epic Max Star Hybrid but aren’t sure if it is for you, we have all the details you need. 

Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrid 

The entire line of Callaway Epic Max Star products is made for higher handicap players that need lightweight and great feeling technology. Golfers that want forgiveness but still care about feel are going to enjoy the Epic Max Star series. 

Jailbreak Velocity Blades

The Jailbreak AI Velocity Blades are an upgrade from the Jailbreak Bars of last year. These Velocity Blades provide stability while still offering enough flex to get players the distance that they need. In addition to increased speed, the Velocity Blades help to make the golf club more forgiving as well. 

Flash Face SS21

A Flash Face SS21 face was designed using artificial intelligence. The Flash Face provides a ton of high ball speed and allows golfers that miss the center of the face to see great results. When hitting a hybrid, chances are you will be hitting out of the rough a good portion of the time. Flash Face helps to make up for the distance and forgiveness lost from being in the rough. 

Fairway Wood Shaping

The Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrid looks a bit like a fairway wood, which is partly what makes it so effective and confidence-inducing for players. Golfers find that they have no trouble launching the golf ball high when the club is shaped more like a fairway wood. In addition, the launch seems to be consistent. 

High Launch 

There is precision tungsten weighting in each of these Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrids. The higher MOI and the Triaxial Carbon Crown make it so that you can softly land this ball on the putting surface. For so many years finding a long-hitting yet high-flying hybrid was difficult; in today’s golf technology, it is a reality. 

Custom Fitting 

If you are going to invest in a Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrid, it makes sense to find something that is custom fit to your golf game. With Fairway Jockey, you can choose the shaft and grip you want and make sure the club is a good fit for your height. The Callaway Epic Max Star is available in a 3H all the way down to an 8H. For golfers that find this club to be effective, they can fill their entire bag with impressive technology. 


When Callaway released the new Epic line, they knew they had something special saved for the slower swing speed players that still want precision. The Epic Max Star Hybrid allows slower swing speeds to get tremendous distance and forgiveness from almost any turf condition. If you are in the market for a new hybrid this year, the Callaway Epic Max Star Hybrid is one to keep in mind.


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