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Callaway Golf REVA Line 2023

Callaway creates a variety of golf clubs for players of all ability levels. However, the Callaway REVA line has always been specifically geared towards the female golfer. Everything about the 2023 REVA line will help women get more distance, more forgiveness, and greater consistency on the golf course. Let’s take a more in-depth look into what the REVA has to offer golfers in 2023. 

Callaway Reva Driver 

The Callaway REVA driver was created using the latest AI technology. The Big Bertha REVA has a large, forgiving sweet spot that no golfer will complain about. 

High Ball Speeds (With Jailbreak Technology)

High ball speeds are necessary to produce maximum distance. The Callaway REVA driver has a large sweet spot and a high-strength XL Face to help encourage faster speed, even when the center of the face is missed slightly. 

Jailbreak technology from Callaway may not be new, but it’s continually being revised to increase effectiveness and overall distance for golfers.

Impressive Forgiveness 

The Callaway REVA driver has a confidence-inducing shape that helps players who struggle with a slice. The driver is not adjustable, but it’s set up in a way to encourage a straight ball flight, even when the clubface angle at impact is not straight. 

Lightweight Components 

To help women maximize distance, a Triaxial Carbon Crown was installed to lighten the load. 

Gaining extra distance without spending more time in the gym is a tremendous benefit for most amateur players. 

Callaway Reva Irons and Hybrids 

To complement the driver perfectly, Callaway created fairway woods, irons, and hybrids as part of the REVA package set. 

Launch and Control 

One of the biggest complaints that women golfers have (especially those with slower swing speeds) is difficulty getting a golf ball to launch. 

If you struggle to get a golf ball up off the ground, the Precision Tungsten weighting in the irons will be your new favorite technology. Up to 35g of internal Tungsten is included to improve control and total distance. 

Bertha REVA Shape

The top-down look of the Callaway REVA irons is thicker than previous models, and the sole of the club is quite wide. In addition, extra offset in the club head and a longer blade length have helped to create more confidence for women players. 

If you want to hit it straighter without thinking about how that happens, the Big Bertha REVA could help. 

What Is Different From Previous REVA Clubs? 

The biggest differences you will see are increases in the amount of Tungsten used, material changes to make the clubs lighter, and an overall streamlining of the shape. If it’s been more than a few years since you have updated your clubs, the new REVA line is worth trying. 

For any questions about specific shaft and grip combinations or custom fitting parameters, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Fairway Jockey club fitting specialist so that you can find the perfect Big Bertha REVA configuration for your golf game. 


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