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Callaway Paradym and Paradym X Irons

When golf manufacturers release their newest products at the start of the year, the question that every golfer wants to know is, "what has changed?". Have the irons really upgraded from last year's version? Is it time for me to make the shift? The new Paradym irons bring a lot of technology to the market; of course, some of this technology we have seen before. Here is what you can expect with the Paradym and Paradym X and all that they have to offer. 

Features and Benefits 

The main concept and goal in developing the Paradym and Paradym X irons were to give players plenty of distance with a better feel than they have experienced in the past. The new forged 455 face and speed frame technology bring together quite a bit of performance for the average player. 

Distance Golf Iron With Better Feel 

Golfers that want distance are not necessarily ready to give up on feel. Callaway ensured they didn't have to with the new Forged 455 Face. This technology combines with AI to increase overall speed and launch while also helping improve spin. 

Hollow Body Speed Frame Construction 

To hit the ball far, golfers need plenty of ball speed. Callaway included a Hollow Body Speed Frame Construction with this Paradym iron to make this one of the fastest irons released. The stiffness in the club head is high, creating resistance against the ball and extra distance, but the thin face and forged technology improve the overall feel. 

Urethane Microspheres

It looks like the Urethane Microspheres are here to stay. Callaway has used this technology in their game improvement irons over the last few years. These microspheres can dampen any vibration at impact and improve overall feel and consistency for golfers. 

In addition, the sound is a premium sound that works for golfers that are particular. 

Tungsten Weighting 

More and more golf manufacturers are sneaking tungsten into their golf clubs. The tungsten weighting has helped to increase launch while lofts are still low. In addition, forgiveness is increased to help on those off-center strikes. 

Players Shape 

Even golfers that understand a player's golf club is not for them have been moving towards player shaping. The better a club looks, the easier it is to have confidence in it. Callaway made sure the leading edge on the Paradym irons was a bit sharper. This helps with turf interaction and gives golfers more confidence. 

Final Thoughts

Golf manufacturers, Callaway included, are continuing to blur the lines between player's golf clubs and game-improvement golf clubs. If you are looking for something that falls between these two, the Paradym and Paradym X could be a good choice. Fairway Jockey will have both Paradym models available in various shafts, with several different grip selections to choose from. 

These impressive Paradym irons show some shifts in the mindset of the modern mid to high-handicap golfer. If you are tired of looking for a great-feeling iron that turns out to be too unforgiving to play with, the Paradym line from Callaway may have just solved your problem.


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