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Callaway Rogue ST Fairways/Hybrids: What To Know

The long-anticipated release of the Callaway Rogue ST Fairways and Hybrids is here. The first round of Rogue golf clubs was a big hit for the mid to high handicappers, and the new Rogue ST has some big shoes to fill. If you are wondering what is new about these fairways and hybrids, who should play them, and whether or not this is worth the investment, you are in the right place. Let’s take a more detailed look at the new Rogue ST fairways and hybrids. 

Callaway Rogue ST Fairways Features and Benefits

The new Callaway Rogue ST comes in several shapes and sizes and includes a model for all handicaps. The overall benefits of the Rogue ST are for the club to be longer and more forgiving than previous models on the market. 

Jailbreak ST Batwing Technology 

Jailbreak technology is here to stay; however, it gets updated year after year. The latest Batwing update allows for more speed and stability and a bit of increased stiffness at impact. 

Tungsten Speed Cartridge

Tungsten is a key golf equipment word in 2022, and Callaway made sure to use some in the new Rogue ST Fairways. There is 27g of tungsten in the clubhead to allow for lower spin and higher ball speed. 

Artificial Intelligence

Part of the reason that Callaway can continue to improve their product line year after year is the use of artificial intelligence. With AI, the face is optimized on the new Rogue ST to increase both launch and spin. Depending on which Rogue ST model is the right fit for your game, there are options for 3W to 11W. 

Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids Features and Benefits

The Callaway Rogue ST hybrids also come in a wide range of options for both high handicap and lower handicap golfers. The Rogue ST Hybrids look like a mix between the previous Rogue hybrids and an Apex hybrid. The new design is in place to help improve both speed and stability. 

High Strength 455 Face Cup 

Callaway’s new face optimization technology has led to much more refined performance when it comes to speed, launch, and spin. The AI Optimization on the new Rogue ST hybrids has helped each individual loft perform quite a bit better. 

Rogue ST Precision Tungsten

Depending on the model of Rogue hybrid that you purchase, you will find up to 24 grams of Tungsten included in the clubhead. The extra Tungsten helps to improve the center of gravity and deliver better launch conditions for players. We also found that the club was much more forgiving overall. 


As we mentioned, the new Callaway Rogue ST hybrids look slightly different from the previous models. The idea was to make the club a bit more iron-like so that it could blend in well with your iron set. Overall this shape allows for plenty of forgiveness while still having some workability. 

The Callaway Rogue ST Fairways and Hybrids allow players of all levels to get extra ball speed without sacrificing feel or forgiveness. Callaway is proving that with AI, there is nothing that can stop them!


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