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Cleveland XL Halo Irons: Everything To Know

The hybrid irons from Cleveland have changed the game of golf for many players with slower swing speeds. The feel, performance, and overall predictability of what a hybrid can do instead of what a traditional iron can do, is quite impressive. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons are the latest release in the Cleveland hybrid iron series. For those fans of Cleveland hybrid irons, rest assured, plenty of technology has carried over. However, some significant changes have made this the best Cleveland hybrid iron that has come to market. 

Cleveland XL Halo Irons: Features and Benefits

We have come to expect that a Cleveland hybrid iron will be high launching, forgiving from the rough, and have an overall lightweight feel. These things are true about the Halo XL Irons; however, there is quite a bit more that will stand out as well. 

Advanced Shaping

The first sets of Cleveland hybrid irons all has a large bulky head that looked almost exactly like the hybrids that were on the market at the time. As technology has improved, we see more and more progressive-shaped sets. The long irons in the XL Halo irons have a wider rail type sole. The shorter irons feature a more V shape that helps for cleaner turf interaction. 

Artificial Intelligence

Callaway is not the only one using artificial intelligence to help players score lower and enjoy the game a bit more. AI will make planning a center of gravity much easier and give golf shots the distance and launch that players need. There is no reason for a set of clubs to all be made the same way when AI is in place. Instead, the 7 iron, 8 iron, etc., are all made to optimize performance at their specific loft. 

Loft Specific Grooves 

When switching to a hybrid iron, the shorter iron spin can be a concern. Getting a  short iron to stop on a green is essential for scoring purposes. The Cleveland XL Halo golf clubs will have grooves that promote quite a bit more spin in the short irons. The long irons will have grooves that help create a more penetrating ball flight that increases distance. 

Action Mass CB

The Action Mass CB is a new technology that allows for an 8-gram weight to be built in the grip end of the club. This weight helps give golfers a bit more feel as to what the club is doing and where it is in the swing. 

The Cleveland XL Halo irons are available with and without the Action Mass CB, but the technology is quite good for both distance and forgiveness. 

Accuracy Build 

With all of the new Cleveland XL series, the Accuracy Build is a selection you can make when you order the clubs. The Accuracy Build is a club that is about a ½ inch shorter than standard. With a shorter club, control becomes quite a bit easier, and golfers will be able to manage their shots quite a bit easier. Even with this ½ inch of length gone on the clubs, the Accuracy Build still provides plenty of distance.

The Cleveland XL Halo irons are built for mid to high handicappers who want the hybrid’s benefits with the control of the iron. If you are in the market for new irons this year, this is a set that should be considered.

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