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Cobra Irons: LTDX and One Length

The latest game improvement irons from Cobra have hit the market, and they are longer and more forgiving than previous models. Cobra does such a great job of incorporating forgiveness and distance into their irons while simultaneously improving the feel. If you are in the market for a new set of irons in 2022, the Cobra LTDX should be on your list to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the key technology benefits and features that these Cobra LTDX irons have to offer. 

Features and Benefits

The Cobra LTDX irons are said to be designed for all golfers. However, we find the mid handicapper is going to benefit the most from this club. The new PWR-COR weighting system allows for some advanced performance that makes hitting the ball closer to the hole quite a bit easier. 

PWR-COR Technology 

All golf manufacturers have unique technology located in the club head of their irons. This new PWR-COR design is a brand new release from Cobra, and it has essentially a suspended bar located inside the club head. For players that need that extra jump off the face, the PWR-COR can offer that type of performance. 

High MOI Design 

A high MOI is important in a set of irons. When golfers purchase new technology today, they expect that the ball will go further without having to make too many swing changes. The new Cobra LTDX is a streamlined design that actually looks slightly more like a player club. This sleek design travels through the air quite easily, and the extra weight in the heel and toe improves launch and distance at impact. 

CNC Milled Face and Grooves

Cobra is known for its CNC milling and technology. The new Cobra LTDX has impressive spin and control, and it will stop where you want it to on the greens. The milled face and grooves are partly what gives the LTDX a more players like feel, even though this is a game improvement golf club.  

New PWRSHELL Face Technology 

The race to improve distance in golf club heads has led many manufacturers to the concept of club face flexing. When a clubface can flex and accommodate the ball, it will expand further and improve the overall launch. The new L Cup face design is very thin, but it will increase face flexibility by up to 20%. If you are struggling with both distance and launch, this club can help. Pairing the Cobra LTDX with the right shaft will only further increase performance. 

One Length 

Like almost all new releases from Cobra, the LTDX are available in a one length option as well. This is a great option to consider for golfers that are particular about consistency and enjoy the benefits of one length irons. In addition, Cobra also put together a combo set of these clubs that blends in perfectly with the new Cobra LTDX hybrid. 

Cobra Connect

Tracking performance with the Cobra LTDX irons is easy. All of the clubs feature the Cobra connect technology that ensures you will see exactly how your iron game is progressing.


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