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Divot Board Training Aid and Feedback Tool (How Can It Help Your Game?)

The Divot Board Training Aid is a new addition to the Fairway Jockey training aid lineup. We tried the Divot Board and got to see firsthand what this tool can do and how it may be able to help your game. If you are tired of wondering why you are hitting the ball left, right, or even straight, the Divot Board may unlock the secret for you. Take a look at what the Divot Board has to offer and what you should know before you order one. 

What Is The Divot Board Training Aid? 

The Divot Board is a golf feedback tool designed to help players see exactly how they are striking the ball. In golf, we know that our divot should be after the ball, and the Divot Board shows you exactly where your club contacted the ground and in which direction it was traveling. 

We can do this on the driving range with real turf, but it’s a bit of a guess. The Divot Board gives you definitive proof of how you are striking the ball. 

Divot Board Features and Benefits 

As simple as the Divot Board is, there is a lot that it can accomplish for golfers. Here are some of the most important features. 

Instant Feedback

As soon as you hit a shot, you can look down at the Divot Board and know exactly what your path was and where the club contacted the ground. The quicker you can get your brain the feedback it needs, the easier it is to make changes in your game. 

Can Hit Thousands of Shots

The Divot Board is made of durable material that can withstand thousands of strikes. You can use the Divot Board both indoors and outdoors. 

The Divot Board comes with a carabiner clip, so you can hook this to your golf bag every time you go out to practice. 

With Or Without A Golf Ball 

Set the Divot Board up in your living room and take swings without hitting a ball. You can get the same feedback with or without striking a ball off the Divot Board. 

Can Benefit All Handicaps 

Whether you are a new golfer or have been playing your entire life, it’s important to be able to strike the ball cleanly and take a proper divot after the ball. Even as your game improves and you become better players, the Divot Board is still useful. 

Learn How To Work The Ball 

If it’s time to learn how to hit a draw or a fade, the Divot Board can help you learn to control your golf shots. The Divot Board shows your club path and even a bit of your clubface angle. 

Final Thoughts 

If you think the Divot Board could be a good solution for your golf game, take a look at Fairway Jockey. Not only do we carry custom golf equipment to help you become a great player, but we also have the tools you need to lower your handicap.


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