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Fujikura Speeder NX Green Shaft

The Fujikura Speeder golf shafts have been around for more than 15 years. Although the technology, materials, and general look have changed considerably since then, Fujikura still fits the Speeder shaft into its line of products. The most recent release is the Fujikura Speeder NX Green shaft. The Fujikura NX Series Blue shaft was a big success for Fujikura, and the Speeder NX is set to improve upon these results even more.

Fujikura Speeder NX Green Shaft: Features and Benefits

The two technologies that you are going to see featured in the Fujikura Speed NX are the Enso and VTC. The ultimate goal of the Fujikura Speeder NX is to increase straightness and the ability to release the golf club while also improving ball speed.

Enso Technology

Sometimes the best parts of a golf shaft are not what material was used to create the golf shaft but instead the technology used to analyze the performance. The Enso technology from Fujikura is a 3D motion capture system.

With Enso, Fujikura is able to capture the club motion at different areas in the swing and determine how players improve on both consistency and trajectory. This Enso technology also allows Fujikura to see gaps in its product line.

VTC (Variable Torque Core)

The VTC technology improved the torque distribution throughout the entire shaft. In the tip and the head, the torque was increased. The results are higher ball speeds right after impact, as well as higher trajectory.

Golfers in the mid-swing speed range will see the biggest increase in performance.

Adjustments To Torsional Rigidity

Torque is a big word in golf shaft production and manufacturing. Torque is how much a shaft will resist turning or rotation in the swing.

The idea in the Fujikura Speeder NX Green Shaft was to create a shaft that could be turned over easily when needed but would resist turning near the tip to promote greater distance.

Who Should Play The Fujikura Speeder NX Green Shaft?

One of the things we can almost always count on from Fujikura is a shaft option for all golfers. The weights on this Fujikura Speeder NX Green wood shaft range from around 48 grams up to 77 grams. In addition, their options for both mid-to-high spin and mid-to-high trajectory.

Golfers will also notice that there are shaft options in the soft regular, regular, stiff regular, stiff, and extra stiff shafts.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about keeping your club head in place but replacing it with a new high-performing shaft from Fujikura, the Speed NX Green could be a great option. Players are noticing an easier time squaring the clubface up without losing any distance in their drives.

At Fairway Jockey, you can purchase the Fujikura Speed NX Green Shaft in weight and stiffness that works specifically for your game. In addition, there is a wide range of adapter options for players to choose from.

When Fujikura decides that a new shaft comes to the market, we can trust they have discovered revolutionary technology.


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