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Fujikura Ventus TR Black

The Fujikura Ventus line is brand new in 2022, and it is helping golfers that love the Ventus get a bit more control over spin and launch. The new TR has some impressive insight from the best players in the game and is a highly anticipated release for players on the PGA tour and amateur golfers. The TR Black stands out as the lowest launching and lowest spinning shaft in this series, helping it stand out from competitors in the industry. Let’s look at some of what you should know about the Fujikura Ventus TR Black. 

Fujikura Ventus TR Black Features and Benefits

There are three shaft choices in this new TR series. They include TR Black, Blue, and Red. The Blue was the first to be released, and it has a low spin and low ball flight. However, the TR Black ensures even lower spin and a lower launch, developed by creating a stiffer handle section. 

Stiffness In The Handle Section

The Velecore technology that Fujikura invented for this Ventus series of shafts is still seen in the new TR Black. However, the TR Black has a bit more resistance in the handle section, which helps players control spin and ball flight.

One interesting thing to do is to compare the original Ventus Black with the new TR Black. Originally the Ventus black was looked at as the lower spinning choice in the lineup. However, the launch of the TR Black has just gotten lower with this new technology. Spin rates will stay relatively the same or slightly lower for some players. 

Improved Feel and Control 

Another result of this increased stiffness in the handle of the golf club is a bit more feel and control. Players that feel as though they are controlling the butt end of the club will have a bit more workability as they come through the golf ball. 

One of the great things about this change to the Ventus series is that all of the TR shafts still keep the same feel and precision that made the original Ventus shafts stand out from others on the market. 

Weight and Flex Combinations

As we see with most of the shafts in the Ventus line, there are options for different flexes and weights in the TR Black. However, it is important to note that the TR Black golf shafts are designed for players with fast transitions and higher speeds. 

This means that you will only find the shaft in the stiff or extra stiff flex and weights that are a bit heavier than other Ventus options on the market. 


The fastest swing speed golfers in the game have worked hard to get to this point. They continue to work on strength and efficiency to keep the ball speed up. However, if you don’t have a golf shaft that helps to support this performance, you are missing out on an opportunity. Choosing something like the TR Black can only help improve consistency when it comes to spin and launch. The release of this shaft could be what your game needs in 2022!


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