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Honma Irons 2021

Honma Irons 2021 The T//World Series

When companies like TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway release a new set of irons, it is hard to avoid the news. Regardless of where you are and what type of player you are, these manufacturers will make it known.

Honma tends to fly a bit under the radar when a new club hits the market. This, of course, leaves players with some questions. If you are curious about the new Honma Irons, the T//World Series, we have all the details. This is an entire series of irons with options for any golfer.

Honma Irons 2021: The T//World Series Lineup

The Honma Irons 2021 consists of three main groups. The groups are the X, XP, and GS series. As always, Honma makes sure that they target each playing style and handicap with their unique lineup.



The T//World-X is the new player's iron. The Honma irons, built in Japan, are known for their impressive styling and quality. The T//World-X is a blade profile club that looks very clean.

The forged 25C body comes with an MS300 forged face to allow for a solid yet fast feel when the ball comes off the face.

For players that are not entirely ready for complete blade irons, the T//World-X allows for forgiveness. The center of gravity is low, and the launch is quite high.

If you know how to work the ball and want the best feel that the Honma Irons 2021 have to offer, the T//World-X is the way to go.

* Players style iron

* Impressive feel and looks

* Still offers distance and a bit of forgiveness



The T//World XP-1 is the next in the Honma Irons 2021 lineup. The XP-1 is more of a game improvement type iron, with excellent looks and feel.

Many game improvement irons leave mid handicappers with a clunky-looking club head and a less than satisfying feel at impact. The Honma XP-1 has undergone some advanced engineering to improve playability and feel. 

The long irons in the XP-1 set have a tungsten sole weight that helps to improve forgiveness and increase launch. As you move up in the set the shorter irons have a deep cavity. This helps to give the shorter irons a bit more workability.

The XP-1 is an impressive addition for those looking to make changes in their golf game this season. The XP-1 also comes in a women's golf iron.

* Game improvement irons

* Clean looking top-down view

* More forgiveness in long irons


T//World GS

Last in the series is the T//World GS iron. Of all the Honma Golf 2021 irons, this is the one with the most forgiveness. If you are new to the game of golf or need a bit of help with your consistency and performance, the T//World GS is a perfect choice.

Everything about this iron is designed to help increase ball speed and reduce spin. Players will be able to get effortless distance, and the forgiveness necessary on the occasional missed shot.

Of all the Honma 2021 Irons, the GS has the largest sweet spot and the most room for error. Similar to the XP-1, there is also a women's golf iron in the GS series.

* Super game improvement irons

* Forgiving cavity back design

* Long distance even on missed shots


Recap: Honma Irons 2021

Honma left the golfing world with some really great choices in 2021. Each of these irons has its unique attributes to share with the golf public. The Honma T//World series is a nice refreshment to the Beres we have had access to over the last few years. 

If you are looking for new irons in 2021, don't count out Honma.


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