Miura Retro MB-101 Irons

The Miura Retro MB-101 Irons are not something that needs updating or changing. Ask any great player that cares about feel, precision, and accuracy in their golf clubs, and they will tell you that the Miura MB 101 irons check all the boxes. However, with the Miura MB 101 Retro irons, we were impressed with the subtle changes to the look and design that have even further increased feedback and feel in this club, something we didn’t even think was possible. 

Features and Benefits of Miura Retro MB 101 Irons 

The Miura Retro MB 101 irons are a throw back to the early Miura designs. If you have been a fan of Miura from the start, chances are you will appreciate how much these irons look like the original releases. However, technology has changed considerably since the first release of a Miura iron, and the MB 101 Retro fully incorporates modern technology and club building. 

Refinements To The Sole

The Miura Retro MB 101 irons feature very subtle refinements to the sole of the club. The result is improved interaction with the turf and more feedback and feel. Golfers have noticed this to be especially important in the short irons. For increased precision on those shots from 150 yards and in, the small changes to the MB 101 Retro irons are certainly appreciated. 

With the Miura Retro MB 101 irons, you will be able to customize your set to your liking, but the 3-PW is the only set makeup currently offered. With these clubs being a limited release and Miura having less capacity than major manufacturers, this is only a set for those that need the 3-PW. 

Premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel 

The Miura Retro MB 101 irons are designed for the lowest handicap players that require feedback and feel in their golf irons. With this impressive material, the possibilities around the green are endless. 

Original Logo

Two golf clubs in the Miura lineup did not feature the original Miura logo. The KM Putter and the Miura Retro MB irons throw us back to the original Miura in the 1950s and 60s and bring us back to what made this brand first stand out. 

What Is The Difference Between Miura MB 101 and Retro MB 101? 

There are two main differences between the Miura MB 101 and the Miura Retro MB 101. The first is that there are slight refinements to the sole of the club to encourage better turf interaction. With this impressive turf interaction, players are experiencing a better feel and precision around the greens and on-approach shots. 

The second is the change back to the original Miura logo. This is a more old-school look on the club with the modern design and technology we would expect from Miura. 


If you have just recently purchased a set of Miura MB 101 irons, the Retro MB 101 may not have enough difference to justify the purchase. However, for those looking to get into a quality set of blade irons, the Miura MB Retro 101 should be at the top of your list.