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Mizuno T22 Wedges

With the way that Mizuno clubs feel, you can imagine that the wedges are something that many golfers would want to have in their bags. The new Mizuno T22 golf wedges have taken the feel and performance that we expect from Mizuno to another level. These clubs are Japanese forged and can be the missing piece you need for your set of golf clubs this year. If you are curious about what the new Mizuno T22 golf wedges have to offer, we have all the information you need. 

Features and Benefits Mizuno T22 Wedges 

The Mizuno T20 wedges from last year had plenty of great feel and technology. The T22 wedges offered by Mizuno are an impressive addition to this technology and something that all golfers should consider. 

Forged In Japan 

Since 1968 Mizuno has been producing clubs in the facility in Hiroshima, Japan. The Mizuno forging process is one of the more advanced on the market. When choosing a wedge with a great feel, this forging process is essential. If you feel your control and spin around the green is lacking, it may be time for a premium golf wedge. 

Soft Copper Underlay 

Each of the Mizuno T22 golf wedges has a very thin layer of copper. The extra copper helps to increase the control that players get at impact. Although this small difference in technology may not seem like it would make that much of a difference, it is something you will feel right away. 

Wet Weather Technology 

Wedges need lots of spin. Regardless of your golf handicap, a wedge that helps promote spin is almost always a better choice for golfers. When golf wedges get wet, they tend to lose some of their traction, and the spin is not nearly as good. However, the new HydroFlow Micro Grooves are laser etched and give room for water to run off and improve the interaction between the ball and the grooves. 

Several Finish Options

There are three finish options in the new Mizuno T22 wedges. The satin chrome, denim copper, and raw are the three options to consider. Although all of these wedges look good, and you have to be sure that they will look good to your eye, the denim copper is a unique and appealing finish. There are really no other wedges on the market that have this same impressive coloring. If you are looking to change things up, we would recommend checking out this finish. It also happens to feel a bit softer. 

Mizuno T22 Wedges: Loft and Grind Options

One of the most important things to look for in a new set of wedges is the loft and grind options available. When you find a wedge that feels great, it pays to have a few of them in your bag. The possibilities for the T22 wedge feel endless. There are lofts ranging in one-degree increments ranging from 45 to 62. In addition, golfers can choose between the C, D, X, and S grind choices. As always, we like mixing up lofts and grinds to have a full range of tools when you get close to the green. 

If you are ready to upgrade your wedges in 2021, the Mizuno T22 is an option you need to consider.


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