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New Release: Miura KM-700 Irons

When Miura releases a new iron, it’s worth taking a look at the technology. Unless Miura has come up with something unique to the market and can offer a player a benefit that was not previously available, the company does not push new clubs out each year. The Miura KM 700 Irons are a brand new release and something that will help players get a pure feel, a beautiful top-down look, and a perfectly positioned center of gravity. 

What Is The Miura KM 700? 

The Miura KM 700 is the latest golf iron release from Miura, a combination of several technologies and some of the finest craftsmanship in the industry. The KM 700 irons are made with a premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel, and they focus on stability and improved turf interaction. 

Optimized Center of Gravity 

The Miura KM 700 has an optimized center of gravity that has made the club considerably more forgiving than previous releases from Miura. When you look at the sweet spot on the KM 700, there is plenty of room for a miss-hit, but players will still get the feedback they need to make adjustments to their swing. 

Stable Head 

One of the things that create that pure feel we rely on Miura for is the stability of the golf club at impact. When you strike a ball with this clean-looking Miura KM 700, expect it to be very stable at impact. There is little to no vibration in the hands, and with the larger sweet spot, this is true even on the missed shots. 

Many players will tell you that it’s hard to describe the feel of a Miura iron simply because there is nothing else like it on the market. 

Personalized Hanko Stamp 

The Miura family continues to try and create the most perfect golf clubs on the market. With the Miura's constant pursuit of perfection, the fact that Miura-san placed his personal Hanko stamp on each iron means a great deal. When you look for quality control and consistency in a product, you won’t find something more impressive than Miura. 

Return To Square At Impact 

The ultimate goal of any player swinging a golf iron is to return the club to square at impact. If the club can make it back to square, the golf shot will likely be a good one. The KM 700 has specific design elements that help players return the club to square at impact. With superior craftsmanship, this can be done without taking away the feel and precision that we have come to love from Miura. 

Who Should Play The Miura KM 700 Irons?

The Miura KM 700 irons can work for any golfer. With Miura's shaft and grip options, you can have these customized to work for the specifics of your golf game. With the thin top down look, clean design, and slightly larger sweet spot, the KM 700 works for all handicap levels. Whether you need help hitting the golf ball straight or want to try and work the ball a bit left or right, the KM 700 irons can help you get it done.


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