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Odyssey 2023 Tri Hot 5K

Not only has Odyssey released the new line of Versa putters in 2023, but they have also now announced the 2023 Tri Hot 5k. The original Tri Hot 5K was built to be a high MOI putter that gave plates many of the same benefits you get with a mallet in the style of a blade. The new Tri Hot 5K line has blade and mallet style designs and a wide range of models for golfers. Let’s take a look at what the 2023 Tri Hot 5K has to offer and which one is best for your game. 

Odyssey 2023 Tri Hot 5K Models 

There are seven models in the Odyssey 2023 Tri Hot 5K series. There are both blade and mallet type designs with a face balanced and counterbalanced putter head options for golfers of all ability levels. 

The 2023 Tri Hot 5K models from Odyssey include: 

  • Seven DB Putter
  • Seven S
  • Seven CH 
  • Rossie S
  • Rossie DB 
  • Triple Wide CH 
  • Double Wide CB 

2023 Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Features and Benefits 

The Tri Hot 5K has some of the lowest dispersion in the Odyssey lineup. If you are looking for a new putter in 2023 and need some help with forgiveness and consistency, the Tri Hot 5K could be a great benefit. 

Stainless Steel Front Section 

The front of the putter features 303 stainless steel that will include the hosel and the face area. With the extra steel in place, there is less side spin and fewer large misses on off-center hits. Anytime we miss the center of the putter head, we can expect issues with accuracy, but with a tight dispersion putter like this, there is still a chance the ball could go in the hole. 

Tungsten Front Weights

Depending on the putter head you choose, there could be up o 120 grams of tungsten behind the face and in the toe and heel section of the club head. The additional tungsten weighting moves the center of gravity forward and improves the overall roll. 

For golfers that struggle with topspin or a jump at the ball when they strike it, the tungsten front weight can help. 

Adjustable Weighting 

There are several Odyssey Tri Hot 5K putters that have adjustable weighting. With adjustable weights, the Tri Hot 5K model can be customized to meet the specific needs of your golf game. 

Increased Inertia 

Higher inertia in a putter head will keep the ball on the proper line. When you combine that with Odyssey’s soft feeling face, the results are improved puter performance from both the mallet and blade style clubs. 

Final Thoughts

As we learn more about golf putters and what they have to offer players, the importance of customization becomes apparent. With the Odyssey 2023 Tri Hot 5K, there are plenty of models to choose from, and with the help of Fairway Jockey, you can order the putter specific to your needs as a player. Personal preference is a major part of choosing a great golf putter in 2023. 

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