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Odyssey Eleven Putters: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

The Odyssey Eleven putters are a modern mallet design that will help golfers trying to improve their overall greenside performance. Mallet putters have come a long way in the last few years and the Odyssey brand has been part of the reason behind this. The Odyssey Eleven Putters have a very unique head shape and a high MOI to help improve golfers’ consistency. With several different putter heads to choose from and the impressive stroke lab shaft, this is a putter worth considering in 2022. 

Odyssey Eleven Putters: Features and Benefits 

When setting out to make the best mallet putter in the game, Odyssey decided to combine the White Hot Insert with a unique head shape, impressive alignment technology, and the best golf putter shaft on the market. Seems like a good combination! 

Eleven Shape

If you remember the Ten putters from Odyssey, you know that the mallet head design started to get a bit bigger and more square. You will see some of that same technology in the Eleven. The forgiving shape and improved alignment make it much easier for golfers to produce an accurate putt. 

Red Stroke Lab Shaft 

Although the Odyssey Ten putters had the option for a stroke lab shaft, the newest Red Stroke Lab option features better performance and some of the best looks that we have seen. The steel areas in the Stroke Lab shaft have decreased in size, and the weighting is redistributed back into the club head. The end result is a stable and consistent feel at impact. 

High Inertia Putter 

Ball speed is essential even in putting. If you want to ensure that your golf ball starts on the right path and heads towards the target, the high inertia putter can do the trick. This putter has a forward center of gravity and more consistency than the Odyssey Ten Putters. If you noticed an increase in your stability with the Ten, you would see even more with the Eleven. 

Several Styles To Choose From 

The Odyssey Eleven putters can be purchased in a few different ways. The top of the putter can even have a single-line design known as the Tour Lined version. In addition, you will notice that the Triple Track has returned for the golfers that want to lean into that alignment help from a putter. For those that like a clean top-down look, the Odyssey Eleven can provide that. 

White Hot Insert 

The Odyssey White Hot insert is one of the best in the game. Adding the White Hot Insert to this putter helped to ensure that the Odyssey 11 is the complete package. Golfers that want premium feel, sound, and performance will enjoy what the Odyssey White Hot Eleven has to offer. 


There is no question that the Odyssey White Hot Eleven has improved previous models on the market. The difference between the Ten and the Eleven is small, yet that ¼ inch move forward of the center of gravity does increase the MOI. If you have not upgraded your mallet putter in a few years, this is one to consider checking out this season.

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