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Odyssey White Hot Versa Putters

The Odyssey White Hot Versa putters have been around for quite some time, but in 2023 there are seven new models being added to the line. With the Versa putters, we have always seen impressive alignment and feel, and Odyssey has certainly kept up with that with the new line. Take a look at how you can benefit from each of these Versa putters and which one may be best for your game. 

White Hot Versa 2023 Putters

The White Hot Versa line features Versa’s high contrast alignment technology. With the black and white coloring and the highlighting of the face angle of the putter, both address and impact are easy to line up. 

With the White Hot Versa line, there are both blade and mallet style putters. Each of the putters features a White Hot insert to promote a better feel. The insert is the iconic two-part urethane insert that provides consistent performance at impact. 

White Hot Versa Twelve DB

The White Hot Versa Twelve DB is built for minimal face rotation. The crowned winged face is a face-balanced mallet with a white high contrast alignment system. 

White Hot Versa Seven DB

White Hot Versa Seven DB is a double bend face balanced mallet putter. Golfers with a slight arc or a straight back and straight through putting stroke will do best with the Versa Seven DB model. 

White Hot Versa Double Wide DB

The Double Wide DB is another double bend design with the high contrast Versa alignment system. This is more of a wide blade style putter. Again a good option for those with a slight arc in their putting stroke. 

White Hot Versa Three T

If the larger mallet style is not your favorite, the White Hot Versa Three T would be an option to consider. This smaller mallet has some toe hang to help those with more face rotation in their putting stroke. We love this one as a mix between both blade and mallet performance. 

White Hot Versa Seven S

The White Hot Versa S features the short slant neck technology. Golfers with more face rotation and a wider arc will benefit from this toe hang mallet putter. 

White Hot Versa Twelve S 

The face-balanced mallet style White Hot Versa Twelve S is a crowned winged design. For players that struggle with alignment and consistency, this is one of the more popular models. 

White Hot Versa Twelve CS 

Finally, you have the Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve S; this is a center-shafted model, the only one in the lineup. With a center-shafted mallet, expect plenty of stability at impact and less movement in the clubhead throughout the swing. 

Final Thoughts 

Fairway Jockey has all of the new Odyssey White Hot Versa putter line available. If you are serious about upgrading your putter in 2023, there is an option within this one putter line that will fit every golfer. If you think it’s time to take advantage of new technology that improves both feel and alignment, the Odyssey White Hot Versa line is certainly a great option. 


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