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Ping ChipR Wedge

The chipper has been around for many years. It is a mix between a wedge and a putter, and it typically helps higher handicap players get a low lofted shot that is kind of a bump and run across the green. Chippers are known for decreasing the likelihood of a chunked or skulled shot. Ping has decided that 2022 was the year they were going to enter the chipper market with the release of the Ping ChipR wedge. This brand new club has some unique technology and, of course, the impressive Ping feel. 

Ping ChipR Wedge Features and Benefits 

The Ping ChipR wedge is a chipping solution that combines a ping putter and a wedge to create a really unique greenside tool. The club has some of the impressive Ping technology that we have come to know as being effective around the greens. Golfers of all handicaps can put a Ping ChipR wedge into the bag, but mid to high handicappers will see the biggest benefits. 

Perimeter Weighting with a High MOI

The Ping ChipR features perimeter weighting technology and a high MOI. The MOI or moment of inertia is typically considerably higher when a club is forgiving. With 38.5 degrees of loft, this will be the lowest lofted wedge in your bag, but it will likely have the most forgiveness. 

Compact Size 

The Ping ChipR has a compact clubface that allows for more playability. In addition, the club itself is shorter than other golf clubs in your bag, and this will help to improve overall control. A shorter golf club typically helps players increase overall confidence in their abilities on the golf course. 

Micromax Grooves

Grooves are important on any type of golf club you are going to use around the green. The Micro Max grooves on the Ping ChipR help with spin and control, regardless of the length of the shot. Ping recommends using the Ping ChipR from about 40 yards and in; this is not a club to use for a full golf swing. 

Rough and Short Grass Performance 

The Ping ChipR is very easy to use from the fringe or short grass, but it is a tool that can be used from the rough as well. If you have an approach to the green that is open, hitting the Ping ChipR out of the rough can be a good solution. 

Who Should Play The Ping ChipR? 

The Ping ChipR is designed for those that struggle around the greens. Playing with the Ping ChipR takes some of the guess work out of your greenside shots. You won’t have to worry quite as much about skulling the ball or hitting behind it. The Ping ChipR allows for a simple motion, impressive spin, and a feel only Ping can offer. 


It takes alot for a company like Ping to bring a new product to market. If you have been looking for a chipper, you know that options are limited. Ping has brought a unique and helpful solution to the market, something that is going to help quite a few golfers.


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